Monday, May 14, 2012

Me and My Mommy

When I was a kid, my mom played games with me even when she was so tired after a long hard day at work.  She let me have sleep overs.  She let me listen to my music loud and was very happy when those walkman's came out.  She put up with THE OUTSIDERS, THE KARATE KID, and THE MONKEES for hours on end.

When I was 16, I knew everything.  Don't we all at that age?  Heaven help me for I am heading into those waters soon.  It would be Five long years before I finally realized how little I actually knew.  It was also about that time that my mom became one of my best friends.  I thought it was amazing how she changed.  Really it was me who changed. 

We do lots of things together.  We shop, Zumba, go to Weight Watchers, and even watch TV together.  We use live chat for that last one.  We talk about everything from the silly to the deep.  I know there are people out there who do not and have not talked to their mothers in years by choice.  I find that puzzling and sad.  I also realize there are those who have lost their mothers.  And this, too is sad.  I love my mom.  She is my best friend.  We laugh, act silly, and duel with wrapping paper in the store. 

My mom became a mother almost 50 years ago.  She has a lot of experience.  I became one almost 15 years ago.  I am a work in progress. Yesterday was Mother's Day, but as it was said in church, mother's should be recognized everyday.  We don't see it that way as kids, but as mothers we sure do.

To my mother, and all the mothers out there:  You are beautiful, kind, gracious, and may your days have some sunshine that is just for you.


Emmy said...

What a great post! And yes we really fo think we know it all as teenagers. I talk to my mom almost everyday even though she lives across the country- I wish she was closer

becca said...

what a great post to honor you mom.

Nicole said...

That's sweet. and your mom took a pic with you, even better!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I love that you're as close to your mother as you are. I'm like that with my daughter too. You'll probably be like that with yours! :)

Amy said...

Add I was tucking him in bed for his nap today, Keith said "Mom, is it still mother's day?" I told him mother's day is only one day a year and he said "aw! That isn't fair!. I want it to last a whole week." When I asked him why, he said it was so he could buy me a nice new Sunday dress. With lots of jewels on it. I am just lucky my soon wants mothers day to last longer than one day.
You are lucky that your mother and you Ares such good friends. I have tried so hard to have that kind of relationship with my Mom and it doesn't work between us. We fight like teenage girls. Maybe one day we can have that kind of friendship. Sigh

Lucy said...

I just loved this post, really made me smile and think, thanks :)