Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DWTS Latin Night

It's Latin Night...and thus far, I do not have any pictures.  ABC won't let me use them?  I do not know.  I give credit where credit is due.  Hopefully before this post is ready to go out, the pictures will be there. Anyway, we are now at the halfway point!  Wait what?  We just started!  But here we are....

Jaleel & Kym
Jaleel and Kym are dancing The Samba  ...Jaleel says he will shake it for Carrie Ann and even Bruno!  The he added he will get the technical down for Len.

He listened to the judges, because he brought the technique to the dance floor.  Plus he just has lots of fun. 

Len said the Samba must have rhythm and that he had it in abundance.  And as for his hips, "hip hip parade."
Bruno told him, "You got the party started.  It was unstoppable. You've done that before.  Get out of here!"
Carrie Ann said he came out with attack and fire and that he is  a good dancer but warned him to watch his arms when he is out of holds.

Carrie Ann:  8
Len:  8
Bruno: 8
Total: 24

Melissa and Maks
Melissa and Maks  Salsa  after her injury, the doctor released her with rest and not to do anything that would cause headaches.  She teased Maks a lot.  He put a helmet on her head and gave her a neck brace.  Their Salsa is good, but something about it bugs me....can't put my finger on it.

Bruno likes it, "maximum thrust, wild and untamed."  He said that she has to be on it, because otherwise she loses control. Hmmm maybe that is it.
Carrie Ann praised her for how beautifully she has come along and gained her confidence, but like Bruno said is lacking control. She added that she needs to make her steps fit  her body.  Yes!  That is it.  It is like she is dancing to keep up with Maks rather than match him.
Len said that at times there was great rhythm and feel and at times it was untidy and rough. But that overall he enjoyed it.

Carrie Ann:  7
Len: 7
Bruno: 7
Total: 21

Maria and Derek
Maria and Derek are dancing the Salsa this week...Remember she has a stress fracture??? Welll..... this week she fell on her face/chin in practice.  Hard enough that she was afraid there would be blood every where.  Luckily there was not.  Just a nice red mark.  As a joke she wrapped herself in bubble wrap.  As for their Salsa, wow.  There was a kiss in there.  And a lot of noise was made over it.  Big woo!  Whatever.  The dance itself was amazing. I see contender here.

Carrie Ann is fanning herself and then she says, "Oh!" She says that Maria's upper body is elegant & still and her lower body was hot, but that the kiss  was a sell out!  GO for the illusion! She said.
Len said 2 things were revealed:  Derek's body(he took off his shirt) and your(Maria's) talent.  He said he was definitely more impressed with Maria's talent. Good job!
Bruno is such a naughty boy!  He was licking his lips and he asked, "Was it legal, want me to get you a room.  Can I join!??  Saucy and hot!    That is the way I like it!?"

Carrie Ann:   9
Len: 9
Bruno: 9
Total: 27

Katherine and Mark
Katherine and Mark have the Argentine Tango. This dance has sharp, fast kicks between the legs...of both partners.  Well Katherine kept getting him in his, "naughty bits."  Mark started wearing a cup, Katherine said that just gave her an aiming device--he wore it on the outside!  Their dance is awesome.  Another contender!

Len compared their dance to a rose: beauty on the surface, and  underneath sharp and menacing; bittersweet.
Bruno said that the dancing and choreography was of the highest quality and the roles were played to perfection.
Carrie Ann said that Katherine had the best legs, and that her first lunge was perfection. The dance as a whole, "Poetry in motion."

Carrie Ann: 10
Len: 9
Bruno: 10
Total: 29

Gavin and Karina
Gavin and Karina are dancing the Samba and Karina is really working Gavin this week.  And this one is way out of his comfort zone. It still amazes me when celebs have these boundaries like this.  The dance doesn't go well. He needs fan love.

Bruno is really are a naughty boy!"You should have stayed on the boat(the dance started with him in a small boat)... are you suffering from tropical fever?"  He said that despite the madness, he enjoyed it.  He noted that Gavin just let go and enjoyed himself.  And yes, he did.
Carrie Ann was of the same opinion.  That he just goes for it, but he was lacking form. Gavin said it was "More of a struggle, than a Samba."  Tom Bergeron turned to him and said, "Don't do their job for them." Haha
Len called it  Shamba rather than a Samba (When the booing ensued, he told the audience to "bring it on!") He said it was a hard dance, and Gavin made a gallant effort. 

Carrie Ann:  6
Len: 6
Bruno: 7
Total: 19

William and Cheryl
William and Cheryl have the Argentine Tango and William has an ankle injury, but he was dancing on it anyway.  Crazy like all the rest.   You can't tell.  No major foul ups this week.  A major come back for the Latin hottie.  Did I say that???

Carrie Ann said "Wooooo!  The Latin dancing James Bond, is in the house!"
Len said it had mood, passion, sensuality and color.  "Well done."
Bruno said there was "pulsating passion and throbbing intensity!"

Carrie Ann:10
Len: 9
Bruno: 10
Total: 29

Gladys and Tristan
Gladys and Tristan are dancing the  Samba and Gladys has three shows in three cities plus rehearsals.  And somehow she pulls it all together for the show.  She looks like it's easy for her to do.  That isn't to say, she is fabulous at it, just that I couldn't do it better than she.

Len said there is a naturalness about her and it is simple and effective.
Bruno loves the way she plays to the audience. "You are magic!"
Carrie Ann said there were some tiny mistakes, but that there's a reason why she is the legend she is.  "You command the stage!  The flavor was great, but the mistakes took you back a notch."
Carrie Ann:  7
Len: 7
Bruno: 8
Total: 22

Roshon and Chelsie
Roshon and Chelsie are dancing the Salsa and to channel his inner Latin hottie, Roshon says he is going to copy William Levy. He actually gets tips from William. It was cool.  Their dance was great.  He is growing up.  *sniff*

Bruno said he is  wired for the Salsa and that his timing is unbelievable!
Carrie Ann said he was  sexy in a totally age appropriate  Disney way.  She claims she isn't a cougar!  She added that she loved all the styles he brought to the dance.
Len said he really likes his enthusiasm, but likened it to a young guy with his first car.  He advised him to slow down and enjoy the journey.
Carrie Ann:  9
Len: 8
Bruno: 9
Total: 26

Donald and Peta
Donald and Peta  have The Argentine Tango.  He acts like the teacher during rehearsal this week and she lets him play.  He is a long time fan of the show, and studies each dance like a football play.  It pays off.  Their dance is hot!  And wow the lifts are A-MAY-ZING!!! 

Carrie Ann called it divine. She said there was so much technique, and that he mastered it.
Len said the lifts were spectacular, but  the rest, nearly, but not quite.
Bruno said the build up was amazing. "The predator preying about w/ a little animal ready for the I going to do it?  He said there was so much build up that it interrupted the flow, but that it was good.

Carrie Ann:  10
Len: 8  ( somebody must have spit in Len's coffee!)

Bruno: 9
Total: 27

Last night the bottom two couples:  Gavin and Karina and Jaleel and Kym had to do a side by side dance duel for the judges--not sure I liked this for the final decision of who was going home.  It was nearly impossible to focus on the split screen.  In the end, it was Gavin who went home.


becca said...

i was thinking Gavin would be going this week

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I'm loving this season! I think it was fair for Gavin to go home this week.

Nicole said...

I was almost heart broken (maybe a bit exaggerated) that Jaleel was in the bottom 2. and I hate to say it but the 2 I wanted it to be was Gavin and Gladys. Sorry she's good, but not like the rest. And Gavin, poor Gavin. He's not bad, but he's not as good as the rest either.

Emmy said...

Too bad the pictures didn't work out-- but still a great recap. So many close to getting all ten if it hadn't been for grumpy Len.

mormonhermitmom said...

Go Gladys!