Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Signs of a Weak Mind

My mind is weak.  People might mistake my weak brain for that of stupidity.  So clear up any confusion of stupidity and weakness, you need to go and see this link....embedding has been disabled.  Boo.  But go see it.  It's fun.  I will wait.

Now that we are clear as to what is stupid....let me tell you what are some signs of a weak mind.....

  • Hearing a loved ones ring tone in the early morning, waking you up.  Only to realize that your phone was on silent, and said loved one didn't even butt dial you.  You know this because you texted them and asked.
  • Trying to put your oatmeal in the fridge to heat it up--as if it were the microwave.
  • Saying "breakfast" when you mean "dinner" trying again only to say "lunch" and finally giving up and saying "food" because it is food after all!
  • paying a bill twice
  • forgetting when a bill is due
  • Hearing a request from a child--like 25 times--and still forgetting to follow through with it.
  • Leaving laundry in the dryer
  • Leaving laundry in the washer
  • forgetting to put the mayonaise back in the fridge
  • Losing the remote for the umpteenth time.
These are just a few signs of a weak mind.  Or a sleep deprived mind.  What are some that I may have missed?


Emmy said...

I guess my mind is pretty weak then. Love Bill Engvall! I have put things away in the cupboard that need to go in the fridge and vs versa

Colleen said...

I'd go with sleep deprived. I have those moments all the time. MacGyver is now accustomed to me using weird definitions instead of words (ie, the red stuff made of tomatoes that you put on fries . . .).

I love Bill Engvall. My favorite is the one about the truck that gets stuck under the overpass.

Nicole said...

Our cabinets are beside the washer, so when I went to get a spice I opened the washer. My aunt put her house phone in the fridge, hubby went to put something in the kitchen cabinet and put it in the microwave, throwing the pillows in the wash pile and the pillow cases back on the bed, putting your pony up in a hair tail, making bag in a rice (instead of rice in a bag)... yes I could keep listing.

Nicole said...

oh another good one, finding your car keys in the washer!

mormonhermitmom said...

There's always the classic, "went to the store for milk, came back with $50 worth of groceries but forgot the milk."

MiMi said...

Crap. I've got the weakest mind ever.

blueviolet said...

My biggest one is when I run upstairs to do something and then when I get there I have no idea what I was intending to do.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I think putting your oatmeal in the fridge to heat it up is quite endearing. I can't seem to remember anything unless I put it in my planner, so I put it in my planner, and then I forget to check my planner--weak!