Monday, November 28, 2011

Peace On Earth, Good Will Toward Men

Peace on earth and good will toward men is the creed in which we claim to live Christmas time.  And every year it is said we should keep that with us all year round.

So what the heck is Black Friday doing to us?  It used to be stores opened at 5AM and people shopped all day.  ALL DAY.  I have worked a few Black Friday's in my time.  The last one was the most unpleasant one.  Perhaps because I was tired.  Or because the people were grouchier.  Stores started opening earlier.  They now must compete with cyber deals.  And now they are opening on Thanksgiving and taking people away from their families all for the sake of the once mighty dollar.

The waffle iron riot is positively revolting.  Is that what people have become.  A pack of wild coyotes fighting over the last piece of meat.  My sister and niece went out Thursday night and Friday morning, and my sister witnessed a little girl nearly being trampled while grown men and women fought for the $1.99 dvd's.  

What the heck is wrong with people?  All to maybe save a buck or two.  I'd much rather sleep in--which I did.  I would much rather kick back and hang out with my family and decorate the tree.  Which we did.  Thankfully the lunatics were gone.  However, I was greeted with a flat tire. 
Luckily I had not got too far from home.  Rich was able to walk down the hill with Ryan and take care of me.  But in all that time on the side of the road during this time of "peace of on earth" and "good will toward men" only ONE person pulled over.  And that one person knows us.  Are people really thinking of peace and good will? 


MiMi said...

I hate flat tires because I know how to change em...which means I have to do it.
And the stupid Black Friday sales just make me mad. I'm in a bad mood, today. Can you tell? LOL

Emmy said...

Okay those videos just make me sick! That is so wrong. Makes me really want to make sure I have a Good food storage as if there was ever one major disaster can you imagine hat people would do to get food!
Sorry about the flat tire.

mormonhermitmom said...

Yeah, that's why I NEVER do Black Friday. Ever.

Nicole said...

with all the crazies out there these days though, would you want someone to pull over? I had to pop my hood in the parking lot of Lowes Wednesday night and was scared to death someone would try to come help me. I mean I live in a small town, but it still had me on nerves.

Shell said...

People are so crazy. No way was I headed out into that!

Christina Lee said...

AMEN, sister!

blueviolet said...

That just makes me ill. I haven't done Black Friday in over 10 years, and even back when I did, I was NORMAL!