Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Random Tuesday...

This is my computer for now.  Two keyboards.  Hey at least it works!  I am happy about that.  I was so worried.  I can not tell you how many pictures I thought would be lost.  Time to make some discs.  Upload to photobucket.  something! It's bad!  It's like in the thousands!  So yes it is a very good thing, but the original keyboard is still trying to work and will type random things like 8's and +'s.  Sometimes it will go in the search bars and start typing a whole bunch of 8's.  but mostly it is quiet.

I get a replacement keyboard in two days.  I hope that it fixes everything.

I got to hold my beautiful new (grand) nephew.  My husband made the mistake of calling me Great Aunt...I said...no.  Like my lovely Aunt...you can call her Aunt Susie or Susie...but not Great Aunt.  No way.  auntie is fine.  my niece calls me "Auntie." so her son can do the same.

When Ryan was born he peed on the doctor.  When my grand nephew was born...he POOPED!  Yep!  This one is trouble!  He is full of...well...you know.  I just thought that was hilarious.  He was also 6 days late.  But, his mom is always late.  So it makes sense.

It's hot.  And humid.  Humid here means the humidity is up to about 30%.  Now I know humidity.  I lived back East for 6 years.  I know that sticky awful, need to take 25 showers humidity.  But we've been here for 4 years and so we are used to that "dry heat." So when the humidity goes anywhere above 15% we are dying.

I took my sister shopping yesterday.  She doesn't have a car.  I have been there.  And it sucks not having a vehicle.  I bought us cokes at sonic.  yum.

I have been watching Everybody Loves Raymond....I am so glad that woman is not my mother in law!  She is awful! Even to her own kids.  Except Raymond.  Well even to him.  And the funny thing is, she is totally unaware...or at least she appears to be!

I am going to see my niece again today.  okay i just want to hold that sweet little baby again.  Can you blame me?
Just look at all those rolls! hahaha. 

Have a happy "random" Tuesday!


Emmy said...

But you are a great aunt- and a great friend and a great mom ;). Lucky you getting lots of baby love. I don't think there is a sonic close by here at least I haven't found it yet :(. Miss our walks.

AudreyO said...

What a cute baby. I love holding all the babies my friends keep having.

Nicole said...

glad you didn't lose your photos! That'd be awful! And it's funny I thought you said you took her to sonic after cookies not cokes... know where my mind is?

Linda Medrano said...

That baby is a yummy cupcake! I could eat her!

Shell said...

Oh, what a cutie pie!

blueviolet said...

Raymond's mother irritats me so much that I can't watch her in any show or movie!

Amy said...

Lots of random.
We are having record breaking humidity here. I have never dealt with humidity before and this stinks!
We once went three months with no car. IT was horrid. Now, I think you are the coolest sister in the world for doing that. And buying her a drink at sonic? Off the charts coolness.
The baby rolls? I want one! baby, not rolls. He is SO cute!