Friday, October 1, 2010

Mom I need you to wipe my bottom.

Mom he just put a booger on the floor.

Mom what's for dinner?

Mom can I....(just fill in the blank here)

Mom I need to do a 500 page book report on the Inca's and include a map, a full scale model, and authentic clothing and it is due tomorrow.

I'm not tired.

Mom:  What did you do in school/church today?

Kid:  I forgot.

Will you buy me something?

Do I have to?

How much longer?

She won't play with me.

He won't share his toys.

They won't let me play the game with them.

Will you make brownies?

Of course our children also say things that tickle our funny bone, and warm our hearts.  What things have your kids said that only a mom hears?


blueviolet said...

It's been a little too long for me to remember specifics but yours are cracking me up!

KK said...

This week my niece said "KK I don't think I can apply the seat belt today!" So cute!

mormonhermitmom said...

"Are we having that for dinner again????"

Nikki said...

lol i don't have any babies (yet! but hopefully soon! :)) but i would imagine lealu saying "please stop giving me kisses!" :)

Emmy said...

I am so sick of the wiping butt one!

"what did you make? Do I like it? I am not going to eat it."--all before they even come to the table.


Amy said...

Emmy's comment made me laugh. A lot.

"Why?" over and over and over, until an answer seems satisfactory to that little three year old mind.

Cheeseboy said...

Ha ha ha! Hear these all the time. I hope you wash your hands before you make dinner.

Anonymous said...

Mom, he's looking at me.

Mom, we found like a million salamanders.

Mom, you are so pretty. (when clearly I am the ugliest, baggy eyed, just out of bed mom in the world)

Linda Medrano said...

I love that photo! What a cutie! Kids crack me up!

Christina Lee said...

haha Yep! How about this one: over the weekend my son was playing
Darth Vader and kept saying over and over, "I'm unSTUFFable" hee hee

emilyshomepage said...

When I have kids...cause I'm 10, I will name one of them Brooklyn and imagine her saying, "Mom, can I skip school?" "Mom,that's icky food" "Mom! Come see my clean room!" "Mommy...I love you.