Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gold Fish Ectomy

There has been a lot of talk about surgery in our house.  Of course the shoulder surgery has been postponed so the talk is kind of dwindling for now.  But before the news of the post-ponement, Ryan began telling wild tales.  Tales of when he was a "little kid."  Monday, he was in particularly good form.

Ryan:  There was a little fish in me when I was just two. 
Me:  A fish?
Ryan:  Yeah.
Me:  How big was it?
Ryan:  It was this big. (Holding his fingers close together)
Me:  Was it a goldfish?
Ryan:  (dramatic pause)  Yeah it was.
Me:  So how did the doctor get it out?
Ryan:  The doctor had to do surgery on my arm.
Me:  He did?
Ryan:  Yeah.  He had to cut it open (makes a cutting motion on his arm) and cut it to the bone to get the fish out.
Me:  Wow!  Did it hurt?
Ryan:  No, it didn't even hurt.
Me:  Were you awake?
Ryan:  No they told me to go to sleep.
Me:  Did they get the fish out?
Ryan:  No, it was in the other arm.
Me:  Oh no!
Ryan:  Yeah but they got it out of that arm.(Then very seriously)  The bad news was I had to get a surgery. The good new was they got the fish out.

The next great story teller!


Nikki said...

He is a great storyteller! For a second when I was reading, I was thinking, ouch that must've hurt when they got the fish out and had to go the bone, and then I realized it was just a story lol.

Bossy Betty said...

He knows how to tell a good story! I was "hooked"!

Christina Lee said...

awwwwww so sweet!

Linda Medrano said...

I love boys with a great imagination! And I am so glad there was no pain involved!

About your husband's shoulder surgery, Peedee at "Queen of the Dogs" just had the same operation. She seems to be recovering great! She even has photos on her site and it looks like there is really minimal scarring on this. (Good news.)

Check her out. She posts on my site all the time.

Emmy said...

Lol! That is cute

Shell said...

So creative!

mormonhermitmom said...

Holy Moly! Excuse me while I nearly faint. Phew. I'm better now. :) Why are kids' stories so graphic?

Joy said...

What a good storyteller! he is a cutie:)

Aubree said...

how cute! yay for creativity

Tracie said...

LOL! He could be a writer someday!