Friday, February 26, 2010

Random Friday

I am going to the grocery store today. 
It's my least favorite chore.
Actually it is in a dead heat with laundry.

Yesterday while I made lunch, Ryan told me he was going to write.
I was all for it.
I thought he would draw pictures and make scribbles.
He wrote his name first, then his sisters.
I helped him with some of the letters.
I didn't know he had come so far.

Before my next thought, I apologize to teachers.
I think you are awesome.
That being said, homework totally sucks, and projects are sheer torture.

Exhibit A:
A book report made into a filmstrip.  
Well thank heaven for Emmy and her Time for Tots!  
Without her, it would have been an all nighter.

It's true, the weather out here has been grand.
Take a few minutes to hate us.
I will wait.

I do not take a nap in the morning on the couch.
And it is not because I go to bed past midnight most nights.

My mom's aunt sent her this:
Women are Angels.
And when someone breaks our wings....
We simply continue to fly ......... On a broomstick...
We are flexible....

I like that.
Because it's true.

I do not prefer to be lazy.
I just happen to be laid back.
I am not a control freak.

I am thrilled for Friday's.
No homework.
Sleeping In.
I fill like a kid again!

Stay warm and cozy.  
Treat yourself nice.
You deserve it.

What are your random thoughts? 


Emmy said...

Hey, glad I was able to help out with the homework, in a round about kind of way :)

And look at Ryan go!! Yeah that is so awesome

KK said...

Oh if only I could have mid morning naps, I'd be much nicer to deal with!

Anonymous said...

Nothing, drives me crazy like homework!

Happy Friday, oh wait, it's Saturday here....perhaps coffee is in order.

Emmy said...

Great new look! That is quite the change. Did someone do it for you? Love it

Tina Lane said...

I would LOVE to have your weather right about now. Winter stinks.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Christina Lee said...

Oh yeah I try to make excuses to go to the grocery store--LOL! yeah projects are the worst!

Christina Lee said...

I meant to say AVOID the grocery store!!

Holly said...

I despise my school projects...I mean my son's. We had to make a castle last many kids can make a castle...OK so maybe ours got a little elaborate. The little poem about the broomstick..I am ROTFLMAO!!!!!

Linda said...

My kids are usually up later than me doing homework. And our weather is great too. So they can hate us both.

Anonymous said...


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