Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Like Who I Am!

On Monday I asked "Why?" I spent the evening trying to answer it. I prayed for some way I could help and empower my children. And it just so happened that the very next day, Dr. Phil was doing a show on this very subject along with American Girl author, Patti Criswell. It was surely an answer to a prayer. My daughter and my extras watched with intent. I couldn't decide which was better. The fact that they were paying strict attention or the fact that there was this show to help kids deal with bullying.

One thing Ms. Criswell taught was say this pledge: You can not take away my power! I like who I am!" So I wrote on the mirrors in my home: Nobody can take my power! I like who I am! But I still wondered what I could do to teach them that they have the power.

I have done all the basic life skills, potty training(almost totally done!) tying shoes, riding bikes, all of these give children a wonderful gift. A gift that tells them that they can do something. So it hits me. How much am I doing for them when they can do it themselves! For instance, today my son knocked over the floor lamp by the couch. He told me what he did, and since I was busy with getting the roast into the crock pot I told I would fix it in a minute. Then my own personal light bulb went on. "Well you can do it." I told him. He asked how. (It hadn't fallen all the way over, it was leaning against the couch) I told him to use both hands and gently push it back up. He did. He was so pleased with himself. What a big man. I just gave him some power. And then he wanted some water. Again I was able to empower him! I handed him a cup and told him he could get his water. Wow! How cool is this kid?

My hope with this little a-ha moment is that I can show them that they have
the power!
Nobody can take my power, and I like who I am!

For more information on the show go here.


CJ Sime said...

Oh good I am glad you are finding a workable solution. I've been worrying over your daughter.

My sister has always been in the line of fire of cruelity so I know it is difficult to watch. I've only recently been put in the situation where peers can be dumb and thoughtless. It isn't fun.

"I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And gosh darn it, people like me!"

Emmy said...

Yeah!! That truly is a blessing. I hope things get better for her soon.
And you are so right, how often do we do it for them just because we are busy, want it done right, etc.. but we need to teach them to fish so to speak.
Good for you.

Mamma Christine said...

Good for you! I love your idea to empower them by letting them see what they can do by themselves. You're a good mom. I can tell how much you love your children.

mormonhermitmom said...

There you go. Love those moments that click!

Rachel Sue said...

what a great pledge! How important to remember, especially at such a fragile time of life.

aha moments said...

This is a great moment, and a great realization. For some reason I am reminded of my old next door neighbor who used to scream (jokingly) "where's my manual??" whenever her kids would get a little out of control. Ha!
I think your "aha moment" fits right in w/ the ones on our site.
There are some really inspiring stories in there, from all walks of life. I'll paste a link below to some of my favorites.
Take a look around when you have a sec and vote for your favorites. As I mentioned above, it's really inspirational stuff!
Hope you like them. Have a great night.