Friday, September 4, 2009

Crazy Hats

Kids are a funny breed. They say and do funny and odd things. Were we ever so funny and strange? Are we funny and strange to them? I find it amusing what will entertain them from day to day. With five kids in the house, the range of what entertains is surprisingly hard to gauge. It depends on the day, the mood, and what they find.

Most recently it was being crafty. Being crafty is a good thing. I am not one of those mom's who sits down with them and helps them create a masterpiece. No, I am more of a lay it all out in front of them and say, "Have a blast! Clean it up when your done." So on Sunday, Kristin and Missy(one of the extras) decided to make crazy hats. They worked for about thirty to forty minutes. They started with a band to go around their heads and then taped strips of construction paper all around. Definitely a couple of crazy hats.

On Tuesday, somewhere amidst the chaos, and before spraying perfume into his eye, Ryan and Emily had their turn at making crazy hats. This time I actually helped. I helped Ryan cut his pieces of paper. The most fun came from watching his little tongue wag back and forth as if this would help him in his effort. We put his hat together and he immediately wanted to wear it. Well I wanted pictures then! Both Ryan and Emily were happy to oblige. It was fun making crazy hats with them.

Now the interest has shifted to a little toy computer that my land lady gave me. V tech made it, and it has games, educational things and music. However, simply because it has a flat screen, keyboard and mouse Ryan is happy to have his own computer at last!
Emily hams it up every chance she gets.
Love the chocolate goatee!
A rare and precious moment between this brother and sister


Emmy said...

Cute hats! What fun idea, I think we might have to make our own hats today.

Mamma Christine said...

Chocolate goatees are the best! That looks like great fun.

Carolynn said...

Remember these times when they are not so fun. It helps us get through the crazy days. The pictures are precious. I can see that tongue of his working it's magic.