Monday, August 31, 2009

I Have A Question

I frequently ask questions throughout my week. Much like our children do. I don't ask why the sky is blue, though I do want a short and simple explanation! No, I ask different questions. The questions are usually brought about by something that has happened to me, or maybe something I read online that makes me think, what the heck!? Sunday at church our Bishop had his arm in a sling. Well that certainly made me think, what the heck!? He and his family are very active so I wasn't overly surprised that he had sustained an injury. I was just being nosy and wanting to know WHAT he did.

He opened the meeting with the usual ward business and such, and after the opening hymn and prayer he returned to the pulpit. He then made the announcement that he would dispel any rumors about his injury. He made a joke about getting in a fight with a young man who also had a sling on his arm. After a hearty laugh from all of us, he went onto explain that he had bought spring loaded stilts. Oh stop right there, Bishop! Please say no more. He continued, telling us his son told him to run. He did. And he broke his arm as a result. So my question is....(inspired by my mom) "Why do we never grow up?"

My Bishop is not the only one to do such things. Only a few weeks ago, my brother was showing our nephew a trick we did when we were kids. First you sit yoga style, and then we would stand up on our knees and walk on them. I remember doing this. I remember it being an easy thing. As an adult with osteo in the knees, I would never ever do such a thing. I would admit it, and describe, but preform it. No. My brother did. On cement. Needless to say he hurt himself. But I can't preach too much. A few months ago, I preformed a hand stand for my daughter. Why? To show her how of course! I am pushing 40, should I really be doing stuff like that!? I only did one.

My mother has got down on the floor more than once this summer to build blocks with Ryan and to draw a chalk picture on sidewalk. She has two full knee replacements. So what is it about us that makes us think we can still do these things? Sometimes I think I am still that young girl. The one who could shop all day, stay from open to close at an amusement park or turn a cartwheel.

The truth is, our bodies age. However our minds and spirits stay as young as we let them. Yes we should exercise a little self control, but sometimes we just want to run on spring loaded stilts! What do you do that you later think...hmmmm that probably wasn't a good idea.


Alicia said...

Round Offs! Sheesh. That hurt a lot more than I had anticipated! This is a great post! Very applicable to our home. My husbands wants to desperately to have his 18 year old body back! :D

CJ Sime said...

heee hheeee heee. ROTFL I SO want to meet your Bishop.

Could you pinpoint when you frist started feeling old and thinking, "this is the beginning of the end." I wrote on my blog a few months back. I started having those thoughts and feelings earlier this year.

Emmy said...

Somersaults.. I have never liked them, but I did one a few weeks back to show off and my head and neck hurt the rest of the day. I think I must have done it wrong.
Just think someday we will all have bodies that match our energy :)

Mamma Christine said...

So true. I remember speaking at youth a fireside one night with a couple of other women. The oldest woman there stood up and asked all the 17 year olds to raise their hands and then said, "I'm going to let you in on a little are never going to feel any older than you do right now." Isn't that the truth? Our bodies age, but we still think we're 17.

Carolynn said...

Because our bodies do age, and we stay young inside, we need to kick up our heels. Get out and enjoy the beautiful world we have been given. Life here is short. Don't miss out. Just remember what age your body is as you go and do.