Friday, September 18, 2009


Chaos: ~noun~ a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order. My personal definition of chaos would be: eight girls(7 of which are 12) all under the same roof for a birthday party! I suppose I could end this post right here, but where would the fun be in that???

We decided when our eldest(the 12 year old) turned three that throwing a birthday party every year was no longer an option. We didn't get friend parties every year. We survived. Who made up that rule anyway! So we do the big ones. 5, 8, 10, 12, 16 etc. So the milestones. That being said, Kristin has known and made it known--to me--that she was having a party. Yes, I know child of mine. She originally wanted a slumber party, but she was naming way too many girls. I admire any woman who can host a slumber party with more than 5 kids! I say 5 because that is my personal limit--this means my daughters plus 3 friends. So we decided on a party with dinner. I came up with a few game ideas that Kristin and my extras seemed to like. I put together some goody bags, and some silly prizes and poof a party was made.

It was a crazy week that lead up to a crazy night. Everyday I either went somewhere or had a drama or dramas! So by today, I was ready to lock up the doors and hide for about a year. Knowing full well I couldn't really do that, I awoke today mentally planning my day. Ever do this? You list in your head what needs to be done, how you will do it, and when? The house was in total disarray, laundry is way behind, I had to make a grocery list, get gas, and go to the store. Plus I had to make cupcakes, set up party stuff, and be ready all by 5PM. My morning was a bit crazy, but we got through. I got the shopping done before lunch. The cupcakes underway shortly thereafter. Then a miracle happened. I not only got help from my mom, I got help from my extras. They did a bang up job getting the house clean. I could breathe.

Five PM, for me, got here all too quickly! Wow, can a gaggle of giggly girls be noisy. I am quite certain I NEVER cackled and laughed and carried on like that. I am also quite certain I NEVER shouted and screamed and climbed all over my friends either. That being said, everyone had fun. It was loud and crazy, but they had fun. They laughed and acted silly. That is what it is all about.

The house is clean again. And the best part, I took a nice bath after it was over. My tub has jets. I finally got my calgon moment!


Carolynn said...

You did it! You will always be remembered as one of the coolest moms. Now count down to the next party. Remember...Just Breathe.

Emmy said...

Yeah!! Glad it went well. And SO glad the extras helped clean!

Yes Kristen will be very happy for quite a while now :)

Mamma Christine said...

Good for you! My kids just started asking for sleepovers today and I was reminded of myself at a young age and suddenly understood just why my parents hated sleepovers. I was probably the loudest of the loud when I was that poor parents. Come to think of it, I'm still poor kids.