Saturday, August 15, 2009

What A Week!

It has been a week indeed! I can honestly say that I do not remember Monday all that well. I mean come on that was MONDAY! I cleaned that day. My house was in dire need of a good cleaning. I did good. Rich had his eye exam and his eyes were dilated so he was blinded for a while. He needs new glasses, and of course insurance only covers the exam. What's the point? I digress. I will move on.

Tuesday I was all over the map! Looking at houses, going to a museum, fixing computers. It was a very busy day. Then Wednesday was the first day of school. It went off without a hitch. The kids were up and ready. I say in a few weeks I will likely be bribing them to get them out of bed! It was a good day for my girls and for my extra girls. Ryan, however was very sad as he had "nobody to play with." I felt bad for the little guy.

By Wednesday night Kristin was feeling yucky. She had a low grade fever and back pain. The back pain concerned me most. I decided to take her to the doctor to be sure nothing serious was happening. By the next morning she was very congested and coughing. It seemed she had come down with the flu. Still, the back pain was there. I took her to the doctor as planned. Since she was coughing and junk they looked at her ears, nose, and throat. Lots of swollen glands. Then the doctor listened to her lungs. Really listened. Then had her lift her shirt, and she listened even more. What does she hear? I know she is hearing something!

"I'm hearing a little bit of a wheeze in there" I have long suspected that she has asthma. It is in the family and she has a lot of symptoms that would point to it. So they did a pulmonary test on her, and found that her out put was not very good. So they gave her an inhaler. She goes back in a week. As for the back pain, turns out it was just that. Back pain. By the end of that day I was ready to throw in the towel. My head was throbbing. I wanted to go to bed. Migraines really suck!

Friday was more normal. Kristin still felt really sick and she wanted to stay home. I told her she could, but there would be no sleepovers, no going outside and no staying up late with her friends(my extras). She was fine with that. Wow! She must be sick! I had to leave her home while I went to the store. She texted me a few times, but other than that she watched a movie and played on the computer. Again, my head was pounding. This time far worse than the day before. It was now the 4th or 5th day of headaches. It was too much. I had to go to Wal-mart on top of that. I had to buy the school supplies from their lists that their teachers sent them home with. It was horrible shopping in that condition. I do not reccomend it. Ever. I reccomend writing a note to the teacher that says you were sick and the school supplies will be there the next school day! But hey, I did get a lot for my buck!

16 spiral notebooks--we stock up every year. They make great doodle pads for the kids!
3 packages of lined paper
2 packages of pens
2 packages of colored pencils
2 package of binder dividers
1 3 ring binder
3 boxes of crayons (at 25cents each you can't go wrong!)
I also had to buy regular items such as pull-ups, powedered bleach. I bought candy...hey when you are dying, you may as well die happy! After all that, I spent $40. I was actually quite impressed. After I got home, I threw my purchases down on the table, and announced I was going to lie down leaving Rich in charge. I took some ibuprofren and laid down with a cold rag on my face.

Today seemed to be starting off good. My head felt alright. It could go either way really. I was so tired though. I needed to clean the kitchen. The family room and living room needed to be picked up and vacuumed. Plus I needed to catch up on laundry. I really did very little yesterday. I could hardly string a sentence together--no joke, and yes I drove in that conditon. Should have stayed home.

By lunch today, I realized which way my head was going. It was going bad, and fast. What is going on? seriously. This is day 5 I think...maybe 6! And now for the first time, I am realizing that the pain is very central to my face. I am prone to sinus infections. It's a distinct possiblity. Now I am mad. I hate being sick. I hate going to the doctor. No offense to any doctor out there. I just don't like going. I found some 12 hour stuff and took it. Within an hour I noticed a difference. I just hope by Monday I feel better and won't need meds. I don't like going.

I did take a nap some where in my day. A real good one. I crashed hard for a little over an hour. It was nice. Then I did it again. I took the kids shoe shopping. I know! So crazy! Kristin needed church shoes. She has been wearing flip flops for about a month now. She wants church shoes. Well Payless is having their BOGO sale so I went a little crazy! Emily and Kristin both got new church shoes and Ryan got church shoes and regular shoes. My total spending was $65. Not too bad really. No, the bad part was driving over to Carl's Jr to not only BUY dinner, but put it on my credit card! I need to cut those things up! They are evil.

As I close out my week, I am letting one of my extras spend the night. I got my kids all washed and dried and now I am supposed to be writing(helping) write Emily's talk for primary. Instead they are all playing in the other room and I am blogging! What does that say about me? Never mind. I survived a very busy week. Let's see what happens next!

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Emmy said...

Sorry you had a headache all week :( Not fun at all. Hopefully this week is better for you.