Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Museum Pics

Sorry I am a bit behind. Migraines are the pits, and right now I am in the throws of battle with them. It is not fair to have to deal with these things! As promised, and through a hazed brain, I am going to post the museum pictures now. Later I will post about the first day of school!
That is what it started out to be. What was being done, was a new water reserve was being built, and lo and behold they unearthed fossils, so a construction project turned into an excavation.
Me and my group standing in front of "caves" of native people. You can't really see the images they were projecting since we are standing IN FRONT of them. But it was cool. Me, Ryan, Nikki, Missy, Kristin, and Emily.
A giant sloth. A lot bigger and more ferocious looking than dear simple minded "Sid" in the Ice Age movies.
It is very hard to take pictures in a poorly lit room. That being said, Ryan's hand is on a MOLAR of a mastodon!
Hard to see, but this was a display of fossils you could walk right over.
Science meets art. A part of the museum where you got to play and build with blocks. There were other interactive things, such as an artificial dig, where you got to experience what fine combing through the dirt and sand would be like. You could also make fossil rubbings, but the line was way too long so we passed.
Some of the native pottery. There was also jewelry, weaponry, hammers, bowls it was quite amazing.
The whole group...minus me of course in the path to parking lot.

The kids had a blast and learned stuff too. A great end of summer break, and good way to get back into the mode of learning!


Kekster's Palace said...

it was so fun!

Lourie said...

Indeed it was.

Emmy said...

Lucas like a fun museum.. we will have to check it out sometime.

Carolynn said...

It is fun to find things close to home to explore. We had a great afternoon.