Monday, August 24, 2009

Science Fair 2007

In the spring of 2007, Kristin had to participate in the school science fair. She was in the third grade at the time. Her project was behavior in cats. She used a domesticated cat and a stray that hung around my mom's a lot. The cat in the picture that is being tortured by niece is my brother's maine coone. As you can see, he is a big cat. He is also very docile. He loves people. He always wants to be petted. She also studied the neighborhood stray.

She was an older cat, and kind of went from house to house for food. She was called "Gypsy." She was more skiddish around strangers. She liked attention too, but wasn't too trusting with people she didn't know. She was also smaller than "Sumo." Kristin worked really hard on her project and she got an A on it.

Kristin has a genuine love for animals, and this project was very important to her. She was excited through out the whole process. She wants to be a vet one day...or a zoo keeper....or an actress. If she is an actress she really can be the other two if she wants. She can play a role as a vet or zoo keeper.


mormonhermitmom said...

So is the toddler getting measured up to the cat or vice versa? Cute!

My grandmother would feed a stray cat. The cat would eat first and then maybe let my grandmother pet her. Sometimes the cat would have scrawny little kittens. She would never let me go out to look at the cats for fear I'd get fleas.

Lourie said...

The cat is being measured against the tot --my guy--for full appreciation of the size of that animal. He got bigger. So did the boy. hehe.

Emmy said...

Yes she does love animals. That is good to have something she likes so much. My sister-in-law was a vet for a while and loved it.

Mamma Christine said...

Good for her. Getting into vet school is a lot of work, but from the looks of her project, she's got what it takes! I'm sure she'll be successful at whatever she chooses.