Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Got Tagged!

Emily at Emmy Mom--One Day at a Time tagged me. This seems like a lot of fun. Here is what you do:

  • Open my first photo folder
  • Scroll down to the 10th photo
  • Post that photo and story on my blog
  • Tag five friends to do the same
Now I have piles upon piles of folders in my documents. Some of which, have folders within folders. I decided to do what Emmy did and post two. The first one that comes up has a folder in it. So I am choosing the tenth from the first and the one that is inside.
This is Christmas 06. As you can plainly see, this child is not at all deprived of having something to play with. The table is really cute it sings, lights up, all the bells and whistles. I think it is Leap Frog. It was from Santa. He sure is smart!

Awwww poor little guy! Ryan was 15 months old here. He had climbed onto our kitchen table for what was probably the umpteenth time. He would climb up on the chairs first and then onto the table. Since I was out of the room when it happened, I can only guess that he tried to get down the way he got up using the chairs. Well, he and the chair took a nose dive. For real. He hit the bridge of his nose on the back of the chair. His nose started swell and discolor almost instantly. Rich thought I should take him to the ER. Well he never suggests that. He's more of a "let's wait and see" kind of guy. I got a bit panicky but took this poor baby. After 2 or 3 hours in the ER the doc barely looked at him, said he didn't have any bones in his nose to break. She then proceeded to tell me to give him Tylenol as Ibuproferen could cause bleeding. Two days later, at his regular doctor his eyes, and ears were checked. She looked in his nose. And said that yes indeed, it was broken. We couldn't do an x-ray then because the tissue was too swollen to see any damage. She also told me to give him Ibuproferen as it would bring down the swelling. I have another shot that really shows how awful he looked. That makes three I know, but I can't help it.


Emmy said...

Great pictures! I feel cool as I have actually seen some of these already :)

silfert said...

Oh, gosh! I was so caught up in looking at those big, beautiful eyes, I almost didn't see the nose bump! Poor baby...

Hmm, what's in my folder? I'll have to post again soon.

Brynn said...

I did it!!! Those are some pretty pathetic pictures of Ryan.

silfert said...

Okay, a picture and post are up and running!