Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Chronicles of Lourie

I have really been slacking with my blog. I need to not only get back into it, I need to create a routine for it. I thought it would be good to start back up with The Chronicles of Lourie. I was actually thinking of this the other day and tracked it down in my emails. This is from 2004, when Kristin was just six and still very much into Disney Princesses. It goes away so fast. I hardly had time to think when she went from Sleeping Beauty to Kim Possible to Hillary Duff and currently Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. Sigh. I miss those pretty princess days. Anyway, this particular moment in time, I thought I would be a grand teacher and tell her about a very real princess. A princess named Diana.

Here I thought I would teach my daughter a wonderful lesson by showing her a real life princess! She is very into distinguishing what is real and what isn't. Is this a story? Is that real? She learns about all sorts of people at school from Hellen Keller to Martin Luther King to Rosa Parks! Wow and she is just six! So I did my favorite searching trick...google! Of course I had millions of hits! I just wanted a pretty picture of her. It took some doing, but I finally found one I liked. Isn't she pretty? I asked Kristin if she wanted to see a real life Princess. Of course she was all over this! I was excited to share this with her. So what does my cherished one say, "Which Princess did she play?" "She didn't PLAY a Princess she WAS a princess." So my child asks, "Why didn't we meet her?" It has just occurred to me, that she is still confusing reality with fantasy. Last summer we met all the Disney princesses. But I just explained that she died before Kristin was born. Like a month before! She still doesn't understand that this woman was very real and did a great deal of work in her short life. Of course this goes right over head and she would rather know about a princess like Sleeping Beauty! Oh well I tried. Haha.
Disneyland 2003
Nicole,Princess Ariel, Kristin, and Emily


Emmy said...

Good job trying.. and I will have an idea for your blog in a few days as I will be tagging you, maybe even later this afternoon. I'll let you know when I do :)

Lourie said...

OOooh! Yay!

Emmy said...

Okay, tag you're it, check my blog :)