Monday, May 4, 2009

A Root Canal

"Root canal" are not the words one wants to hear, especially if those words were proceeded by, "You need a..." I had to face the music today. About three weeks ago I had to get a crown done. Having been through it once before I at least knew what to expect. That didn't make it any easier. I am not the best dental patient to begin with. I think however, my dentist and now endodontist would strongly disagree. I am very compliant. Why wouldn't I be? After all they are putting hooks and drills into your mouth. You bet your sweet bippy I am compliant! Inside however, I am struggling and fighting the urge to bolt and runaway saying, "I'm out of here!"

I have never had a root canal. I am happy about that. I don't do well with the unknown. It's that whole lack of control. How long will it take? Will I feel pain? Will the sounds of drills and other instruments drive me to the edge of insanity? I said I was not a good patient! But this endodontist was very good. He knows people do not want to do this. So he makes it as easy as he can.

I was numbed once to start. He left me in my chair to let the novacaine take effect. He did good because it was happening fast. After a few minutes, he came back and administered the next one. Go ahead, I can't feel a thing back there. He told me to raise my hand if I felt any pain. He began working. Okay, so far I am good. I can do this. Yes, these thoughts are actually in my head. Then out of no where I felt pain. Oh yes! Both hands flew up and waved a bit frantically. He quickly gave another injection explaining I might feel pressure but no pain. I didn't even feel pressure. Who cared? As long as it kept me from feeling. It did. Through out the whole procedure he would add more novacaine. It wasn't the highlight of my day, but I can honestly say that worst part was waiting for it to be over. He thought he was done, but no. A stubborn root was still hanging around. He apologized for not being done. I thought, keep me numb and make my tooth well and I will wait here.

After about an hour and 15 minutes we were finally done and he sent me on merry and numb way. He told me to wait at least week before making the final appointment to have permenant crown seated. For now, I will still baby this side of my mouth until I feel ready to use it again. I hope I am done. I really don't care to be in a dentist's chair again any time soon.


Emmy said...

That does not sound fun at all. So sorry!

silfert said...

An HOUR and fifteen minutes?! Okay, that's going on my list of Stuff That Sucks, right now. How are you feeling since posting?

Lourie said...

I certainly don't recommend root canal for entertainment purposes--unless you are the masochist from Little Shop of Horrors! I am healing(hopefully) I still have quite a bit of tenderness and it hurts to bite down on that side. Now why would it hurt if there are NO nerves!? I do not even want to know.