Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Chronicles of Lourie

I thought I would star something new in the blog. I have emails that date all the way back to 2003. Why do I keep them? Because it is a journal of sorts. It's fun to go back and see what kind of trouble I was stirring up. If my memory will serve me--yeah right--I am going to attempt to post one a week so as not to overwhelm. So without any further ado, I would like to introduce The Chronicles of Lourie. Today's entry is from May 20, 2003. Kristin was in kindergarten and Ryan wasn't even thought of.

This afternoon, I went as usual, to pick Kristin up from school. You know the drill...get in the car, start the car, drive the same route as always...I got as far as the corner, and what do you think I saw right there in the middle of the road? A turtle! He was about five inches in diameter. Just minding his own business. Sunning. Until....I jumped out of the car and rescued the unsuspecting critter from certain doom! He got scared. His little feet were flailing and his head was in and out. Poor guy. I think I gave him a heart attack. I had the notion we could keep him...what am I EIGHT!? Haha. So all the way to the school I could hear him scratching. GET ME OUT OF HERE! I'm sure he was sending SOS to his fellow turtles. I can imagine in the morning that I will be greeted by three large turtles with brass knuckles. I fretted over whether or not to just let the poor thing go. Should I let Kristin even see it. We have fish...but she wants a REAL pet...lately she has been asking for a cat. I finally got out of the car and met her at the kiss and ride. I told her I found a turtle. She asked me if I took it home. Okay, now I'm thinking that I should have let this turtle go when I had the chance. What do I know about turtles anyway??? So we get back to the car and she is all over the place wondering where it is...this little guy was just loose in my van. He was stuck between the passenger seat and the door. And when I was trying to pick him up he started hissing at me! I never knew a turtle could hiss! I finally got him and showed him to Kristin. Her eyes got all huge, and she kind of stiffened in her seat. Then she said, "Don't let me hold it! He's too BIG!" He was about 5 inches around. I thought he was cute. I then asked Kristin if we should set the little guy free. She said yes. So I carried him off to the woods area and set him down. He crawled away out of sight. Hopefully he will tell his turtle friends they don't have to pay me a visit after all.


Carolynn said...

If that happened today...
You would be the proud owner of a turtle.

Emmy said...

Wow! I didn't know turtles could hiss!

Lourie said... either! But it did. It was mad. haha...or scared.