Wednesday, May 13, 2009

All Smiles

Exactly one month ago, I began dental treatment on a tooth in need of a crown. I have said it before, and I will say it again, I am not a good dental patient. These last four weeks, have been, to say the least, very trying for me.

First, I hadn't been to the dentist in over a year. It wasn't entirely by choice, I mean I do have some sense. It was largely due to insurance and lack of it. Finally, insurance was settled and the first initial visit was made. I was told I had two cavities and needed a crown. Not fun, but I will do what I need to take care of my mouth.

The temporary crown was in place, and then the trouble began. You know, this tooth was just fine until they started messing with it! Suddenly the tooth was shocked back into awakening and every single nerve within it was hyper sensitive; particularly to cold. Chewing on that side was no longer an option.

After two weeks, and no change my dentist was not comfortable putting the permanent crown on until I was checked out by an endodontist. As my luck would have it, I needed a root canal. Another week goes by and it is time for something nobody wants! Now, I am not complaining, but my husband had this same procedure and was fine and back to normal the next day. Happy as a clam. And here I was still unable to bite even a banana on that side. Forget chewing a thick juicy steak or a nice gooey cookie. If I bit at all on that side I hit the roof. Not happy with the results, my endodontist prescribed prednisone to reduce the swelling around the area in the hopes I would be able to feel better in a few days.

Finally 10 days after the root canal and a whole month after it all started, I received my porcelian crown. Since the endodontist only filled the tooth with temporary materials they had to drill it out and replace it with the good stuff. The odd part, I was not numbed. I didn't need it since the tooth no longer carried any nerves. So they pounded away and I just sat there. Weird. After several attempts at making the crown fit just right, they did it. In the process I got a peek at my tooth uncovered. It's basically a nub at this point. Funny to see, but my vanity is grateful it is covered by such a lovely mask.

I am a little sore in the gum area, but I am happy to report I can bite happily, chew on food--though I am still a bit gun shy--as I please, and I am once again all smiles!


Emmy said...

Glad it is all done and over with. I didn't look at my nub of a tooth before they put the crown on, I wish I had though... and hope I never have the chance to see on again :)

Lourie said...

Amen to that!