Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Review of Sorts

For their last day of Spring break, we took the kids to see MONSTERS VS. ALIENS. And why not, we had free passes after all! Sure we had to spend hundreds, I dare say thousands onto our credit card to obtain the bonus of movie passes, but it was FREE right? I digress. It was the perfect day to go to the movies as the temperature topped out at about 100 degrees Monday. Wouldn't you know it...most of spring break was cold, gloomy and windy. As my cynical self--rightly so--predicted the really hot beach worthy weather comes in time for school to start back up! Oh well, summer will be here soon enough.

Monsters vs. Aliens from Dream Works who gave us Shrek, has done it again. This movie was action packed, lots of funny stuff for the young and not so young, and even a lesson to learn. My son sat on the edge of his seat the entire time. There were a couple of intense scenes that had him a little worried, but overall he thorughly enjoyed this movie. Will I buy it on DVD? Probably. It will get watched multiple times I am sure, but I am usually in the DVD market for the extras. I love that stuff. If you haven't seen it, check it out. There's another one coming in November, I think, called Planet 51. It looks pretty funny as well.

After the movie, we crawled the mall for a short bit and hit the Disney Store. I love to go here, but I hate it too. It's like going to Disneyland. I love all the fun merchandise that you don't see anywhere else, except at, well...Disneyland. I love that they let you play and explore. The staff has always been cheerful and helpful. I hate it, because the store turns your children into beggars. I did not teach them this. They know I will say "no" so why do they say, "Will you buy me this?" Just to check and see I suppose. Nope, she still said no. Man! I think they tag team. "It's your turn." "No, I did it last time." "We'll make Ryan do it. He's too little to keep track." I know, I am guilty of the begging too. I did it as a child. I have to say this, because I know who reads my blog! However, I stand by my words that I did not teach my children the tatic of begging. It must be something that is programmed in before you get the model. How do you remove that particular piece of software anyway? Or would that be hardware?

After we managed to get out of Disneyland, we started heading back out. I was dreading the thought of making dinner. It was just too hot. Yuck. We stepped outside and there was a big fountain. My oldest wanted coins for wishing. I started digging through my purse. Yep, I have one of those purses. The one that starts out innocently enough as nice purse, but ultimately becomes a black hole where stuff you need becomes lost forever in the vacuum of space that was once your purse. I managed to find six pennies. Two tosses each. yay! But that wasn't quite enough. No, there was a little train that rode around the plaza. At $2 a pop my oldest quickly assessed this was $6 for the three of them. She offered to pay for her own ticket, making the cost go down to $4. Well now, that's not only a good deal, but it shows she is willing to take some responsiblity. Wow. Did I do that? Maybe. At any rate, they were all thrilled--particularly my son to ride the train. With the afternoon sun beating down on the camera on my phone I found it nearly impossible to get a picture of them as they cirlced around. First try, I can't see there faces or anything but the sun glaring back at me in the screen. Second try, I was in a shaded spot and could see, but silly phone went to video mode. Okay, now I just want to chuck the stupid thing. But since that would be pointless I try one last time. I have no idea if it is a decent picture or not at that point, but I didn't care because it actually worked! Now it was time to head for home.

As we drove home close to rush hour traffic, the car felt like it was 150* and we had the air conditioning blasting. Who figured that out anyway??? Who figured out how to put that into a car and make it work effecienlty? Well they will have a special spot reserved for them in heaven. Or maybe they were thinking of cooling the other place down. Hmmmm. Even with that air blasting at its maximum force it just wasn't getting cool. It just didn't matter. It was too hot. My son was pooped and fell asleep half way home. When we got there, we were ever grateful to be welcomed into the cool and comfortable retreat of our air conditioned home. Poor Ryan was dripping in sweat and red all over. He was quickly set onto the couch and given water. He perked up in about 10 minutes and was no longer red or even pink. And to think people leave their babies in cars in the middle of summer! But that is another blog for another day! All in all it was a busy afternoon and a nice way to finish spring break.

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Emmy said...

Sounds like a great day! I totally understand about the purse, that is how my diaper bag is. The best cure for it, is fly somewhere. Before we fly I always empty it out at home and clean it out to make sure I don't get caught with some unexpected no no in the security line.