Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Have A Question

I have a question! When you dial the wrong number, and the person on the other end tells you so, do you call it again??? I have to ask this, because I have had the same phone number for 19 months now, and from the time I got it, to present day I still get phone calls for a person I have never heard of. I have even gone as far as to tell the people who call--usually sales people--to pass it on that these people are no longer tied to this number. Still they call. Every few weeks they call and always ask for the same person. Sometimes they apologize and hang up. Sometimes they are selling something and figure since it isn't that person, maybe THIS person will bite. Well today, I didn't bite, but I certainly knocked them for a loop. I was happily resting after a nice lunch with my feet up, when the phone rang. I got up, and walked ALL the way to the kitchen to see, "unknown caller" in my ID box. I have to say, I really like caller ID! I answered the phone, rather than just ignoring it. And once again came the question if Mr. X was here. I tell them that "There is nobody here by that name." The caller verifies the number. "Yes, that is the correct number, but I assure you Mr. X does not live here." So mystery caller, who has yet to identify himself--though I did detect an Asian accent--considers what I have told him before he recovers and asks, "Can I speak to the lady of the house?" To which I replied, "No." It was dead silent on the other end. I suppose I could have hung around to find out how he would recover from that shocker, but I decided instead to hang up.

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Emmy said...

Lol! That is hilarious! We once had a number that people would try and fax us on... pick up the phone ekkkk,errrkkk. And this happened at 2:00 AM!
Then we later had a different number were we got many many collection calls for the person who used to have that number. We eventually convinced them all that they were not at that number and those stopped.