Friday, April 17, 2009

A Girls Outing

Yesterday it was a girls day out. While Ryan went and played with his best bud for the day, me, my mom and the girls went out on and adventure. We decided to go the Mission Inn in Riverside. It is quite large and very beautiful. Free to wander around. If you are planning on staying the night, it is no longer free. If you are planning a wedding at the Chapel, plan to fork out at least $1,500.00. It's a beautiful and breath taking chapel that wowed us all. As soon as we walked in there was definitely a most incredible presence. Maybe because it isn't part of the tour, maybe because it is part of the mission. I don't know, I do know it was breath taking. Another room we got to sneak into was the Spanish gallery. If you are planning an event there, the plates start at $50 per person. If you want the music room, you better consider a second mortgage! It was all very beautiful and we got to see some very fascinating things. We finished the day with lunch at little cafeteria in the basement of large antique store. The girls had a blast in there. All in all, it was a lot of fun for all. I recommend this outing. Please note, the chapel and Spanish gallery are not something you get to see. We fudged a little and told them we were possibly planning an event. Hey, my niece will be 19 next month and has a very special person in her life. You just never know.


Emmy said...

Sounds like a great day! And I love the pictures! Love the giant orange :) You know you can go back and delete a post if you want. But it totally works as two separate things since you have lots of great pictures.

silfert said...

Hmm... encourage your niece! I could come out and do the cake! ;)