Sunday, March 8, 2009

Private Concert

Have you ever been treated to a private concert? I was just yesterday. Sure the performer was only 3 and the drum was really an inflatable stool, but isn't that what make believe is all about? He treated us to a guitar solo as well. Before the private concert there was a big concert where he and his sister used the marble entry way as their stage. Ryan on the drums and Emily on lead guitar. The song...errr songs began. I say songs not because there were more than one, but because there was more than one at the same time. While Ryan happily sang his own made up song, Emily belted out her one of her favorite Miley Cyrus songs. Maybe it was Hannah Montana. Same difference right? Even she(Miley) admits to being confused by it sometimes. I digress. It was a treat. It brought me back to my days of play and make believe.

It was then, that I started to wonder where all that goes. It's kind of sad really that we feel so uncomfortable with something that once came naturally. Why not sing into the hairbrush or even the wooden spoon you are cleaning? Why not turn a towel into a cape!? Maybe not all the time, I mean we do have to be grown up some of the time. Yeah, I know it stinks doesn't it? But why not, let that part of you escape the hum drum of grown up life once in a while. I refuse to say "inner child" here. So there! Mostly because the term is old, but also because we all possess childlike qualities, it's just that sometimes we bury them with all that other icky grown up stuff.

So I say, at least once a day we should pretend, play, sing, dance, anything! Something! Talk about therapy. And the best part is, it is free!