Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Grand Adventure

My daughter was invited to a party. A party for her friend who is in her drama class. A party for a girl turning 12. The party began at 3:10 immediately following dismissal of school on Friday. Transportation, the gynormus stretch Hummer limo seen here, arrived on site right at 3:15. As one can guess, it drew a large crowd, and that was not limited to those invited to this event. The limo would take the girl and her guests out to Anaheim to visit an indoor kart racing place. My daughter bowed out of this one, despite the responsible adults choosing a kid friendly version of the karts. More power to her! They stayed at the Marriot in a suite. Today they will walk across the street with the responsible adults to the mall and shop around.

I will never be able to give my daughter anything remotely like this. Not many of us can, I dare say. I am glad she was invited to this party. what a grand adventure for someone so young. She had her phone(of course) and I told her to text me when they got to the go kart place, when they got to the hotel, etc. In other words, text me often! She was, after all an hours drive away from me. Well, I need not have told her to do so, for she text me often. I had to clear out my inbox and outbox three times in the course of her absence. I know that if were not for cell phones I never would have been able to let her go. I have control issues.

All in all it was a grand adventure for her. She made it home by 8PM the next day. I don't know if she will ever get an invitation like that again, likewise, I don't know I will be so willing--ok SOMEWHAT willing to let her go. In any case, I am glad she had the experience. She is growing up. I don't remember signing on for that.

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Emmy said...

Wow! What in the world is this family going to do for the next birthday? How do they outdo that?

Glad she got to go, crazy though