Getting My Spooky On

Four years ago, according to my daughter's FB memories she was listening to Christmas music at the end of September and I was praising her for it. Fast forward to present day and I am so bombarded by Christmas that I am ready to protest its very existence. I'm looking at you Hallmark Channel! Don't let their website fool you with their autumn foliage! It changes to Christmas on a click! They are counting down to Christmas beginning October 26th! What!?

I'm not just picking on Hallmark though. I am also calling out personal friends who keep reminding me how close it is to Christmas. Everyone needs to calm down about Christmas!

Don't get me wrong, I'm no Scrooge. I actually love Christmas and all things Christmas. In fact, bring it on! Just not BEFORE Halloween or Thanksgiving, and for the love of all things creepy and turkey let's back off a little. Now I understand crafting, I do.

However... I refuse to count down to Christmas three months before the fact! Freeform is doing it right by having 31 nights of Halloween. No, they aren't paying me. I just love that they are putting Halloween first!! 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get my spoopy on! Are you getting for Halloween? 


Amy Involuntary said…
Yay! A like minded soul! I love fall and hate that commercialism wants to go straight on into Christmas and completely bypass this glorious time of year. We have an October First party every year and it is the best way to being in the best month. Can't wait for the corn maxed!
Nicole said…
You're pointing out me! I know you are :). And I have to say, I love Hallmark movies because... they are happy. They don't go into the sex stuff that isn't necessary. truth! And I like Christmas. It's the time of year. It makes me happy. These last few years though, Christmas hasn't been the happiest time of year for me. Lots of reasons and I'm scared. So I think I cling to it more. Oh... and I have to say, I sometimes post all that stuff on Facebook about Christmas coming just to screw with people. I get so many people giving me crap out it that I do it even more. One of those people I pick on is my mom. I can't help it. by the way, I need to find a red bird for her Christmas present. Another way to pick on her. It's all in good fun!

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