Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Five

Emmy Mom

It's time for Friday Five with my Bestie Emmy.  I like this link up because it is simple, fun and so far I have remembered to play along!  Five thoughts, and five photos...

1.  I am ready to disown certain extended family members.  I will leave it at that.  I know it sounds harsh, but I am so over their selfishness.

2.  Did you know Frozen has a gay agenda?  Yeah, apparently so.  It's mind boggling how people look for things that are not even there.  Remember when Harry Potter was evil and taught kids witchcraft and practices of the devil?  Some states even banned the books from schools.  

3.  If you have a degree in Marketing, does that give you license to give a lesson in grammar? New person at Rich's work caught a spelling error and proceeded to give a full blown and most condescending grammar lesson I have ever seen.  It was inapproriate, rude, and she had no degree to stand on.  The woman is a tool, and no one there likes her.  Guess how long she has been there. One week.  Good times.

4.  I am ready for Spring I can sleep in and not be a taxi.

5.  Today is 3.14  I think we all need PIE!

We saw Kristin in her play....and I made a trailer for it...

My son thinks he's a teenager.  He went back to sleep after I woke him up.

For Throwback Thursday:  My girls at ages 5 and 2

Trying to get a picture of him is not easy


Nicole said...

Well do you remember when the Lion King came out they said that the creators put Sex in the clouds?

Emmy said...

Ugh I hate when people try and make things into things they aren't-- I never would have once thought it had a gay agenda until I started hearing all the garbage about that. So annoying.. why can't people just enjoy things? Oh I so cannot wait to be able to sleep in, especially now that it is so dark in the morning it is so hard to wake up.

Connie W said...

I've seen Frozen three times and I don't feel gay yet. When is it supposed to kick in? How will I know? If I suddenly want to wear flannel? HOW WILL I KNOW?

Just kidding. :)