Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blackouts, DWTS, and Variety...Oh My!

The last three weeks I have had the worst luck with my recaps for DWTS.  Last week it was Verizon's fault for messing with time travel!  This week it was a power failure.  There is never a good time for these things, but when it is 90 degrees outside it makes for cranky people.  Luckily, I have a gas stove and I could light the pilots to cook my dinner.  It was also the same night as Kristin's Variety show at school.  Thank goodness the power had not failed at the high school!

These kids put their hearts and souls into their talents and it showed.  All moms should be and probably were very proud of their kids that night.  Indulge me, as I recap the Variety Show instead of DWTS!  I give you MMHS Variety Show 2012!  I will be brief.

First up The Advanced Women Ensemble singing Wanna Be (The Spice Girls)  Most of these girls chose to dress up...hmmm...questionably.  I will leave it at that.  The performance itself was great.  But I just kept wondering where was their mother?  And others, the mirror?

Next a soloist.  HE sang Trace Aktins' "Ladies Love Country Boys" and he was decked out from head to foot.  Cute kid, good singer.  And my Little Middle was absolutely smitten.  She was locked on him.  And for the rest of the night, anytime he was on stage she was lost on him.  *Swoon city*

Has anyone heard of this new band called "One Direction" it was news to me.  If you have a teenager in your home, you probably have.  Well 4 girls dressed up like boys and did a lip sync.  It was cute.

Next a very beautiful duet and piano accompaniment.  Man these kids just blow my mind!

Now the Womens Ensemble (this is the choir Kristin is in) sang Toxic by Brittany Spears.  Oh my talk about some hoochie girls.  Not all.  Certainly not mine.  But yeah.  A good job on performance.

Mens Ensemble and Cowboy kid is back--though changed into different clothes.  They sang "Stand By Me."  WOW!  Ooops almost fell off the risers!  Emily found him!  Yep, stars in her eyes.

And the moment of truth...

Kristin's first solo... AND  ME WITHOUT MY PHONE!!!  Quite possibly the worst mom moment EVER!  Her friend played guitar.  She sang, "Roulette" by System of a Down.  Before she even came on stage people were screaming for her.  When she was done, it was even louder.  I was in fact  so proud.  I may have screamed louder than the teens.  Which at times seemed an impossibility.  But that was my girl up there.  And she nailed it.  What's even better, she knows now she can do it now.

A fun highlight was a girl dressed as a chipmunk singing "My Sharona" in a chipmunk voice!

And the closing act was The Womens Ensemble singing "It's Raining Men" and they had tons of fun with that one.

All in all it was a great night.  The kids did a great job.  And hey it's cheap entertainment.  Maybe next time I will remember my phone!!!

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Emmy said...

Yes, so wish you would have had your phone. Truly so so awesome she did that. I never would have had the nerve.

Great PMM! Thanks for linking up

becca said...

that was an amazing moment for i bet and such a shame your phone wasn't available. give her a hug for me

MiMi said...

How fantastic!! Wish you would have had your camera but you told it and it sounded like I was there. :)

Nicole said...

You forgot your phone... did you have your camera? And wow, do we see a star blooming in our presence?

Kmama said...

How fun!! It sounds like your variety show had a lot more talent that our elementary school's talent show.

Thanks for linking up!