Monday, February 27, 2012

What's Your Opinion?

What's the best part about the Oscars?  Is it the anticipation of who will win what?  Is it the speeches(puh-leeze!)?  No!  It's those dresses!  The red carpet.  Seeing who is wearing who?  How is their hair done?  I have a handful of pictures and my humble opinion to go with them.

Bo Derek is 55 now and look at her!  She is dressed age appropriate, and classy.  But my problem is it's too plain.  I love the color though.  It just needs a little something. 
GAH!  It's the dress that ATE Emma Stone!  Seriously, this dress would be stunning were it not for the collar and giant bow trying to take over.
Best Support Actress nominee looks likes she is wearing an oriental rug. 

Only JLo could pull this off.  And was there or wasn't there a wardrobe malfunction while she was presenting with Cameron Diaz?
Kate Mara.  Please stand up straight!  Didn't your mother teach you this basic lady principle!  It might help this dress along.
Oh dear Lea, are the aliens coming?  So unflattering for such a beautiful woman.
Maya Rudolph, a full figured woman...a healthy woman with REAL curves.  Look at her.  And her dress is lovely. 
 Melissa Leo....was there a mirror near by?  She's adorable.  Why do this?
Nancy O'Dell's dress is  great, but I am not liking the black lace.  Maybe a different color of lace. I like the yellow and the flow.
Octavia Spencer Oscar winner.  Oh she stole my heart.  She went absolutely weak in the knees when they announced her name.  And just look at her.  Beautiful.
Rooney Mara needs at least ten pounds of meat on her bones to fill up this dress and make it work.  Put a woman like Marilyn Monroe in it and it becomes a fabulous dress.  On someone who is thin, it hangs and doesn't work.
 Stacy Keibler, if you are going to be on the arm of George Clooney, you should be a class act.  This is a dress gone wrong.  It had an excess of material left over and the designer turned it into a rose.

What did you think of the dresses?  For more pictures go here.


mormonhermitmom said...

Ah well, we know these dresses are supposed to stand out and whether for good or bad, they do stand out.

MiMi said...

I know nothing about the Oscars. :) I don't even know who won!

Emmy said...

Yea, I just look at the dresses the next day online- don't watch at all. I saw many tweets about J-Lo but have read any Arrticles about it yet

Natalie said...

Well from what little I've seen (the pictures have yet to be released in the UK) there wasn't really a good turn out fashion wise this year. Very disappointing- lots of these ladies seem to have forgotten their dress size and gone for something much bigger. Not flattering.

Rachel said...

haha, I kinda liked the giant red bow.

Emmy said...
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Nicole said...

haha truthfully, they usually all wear hideous dresses IMO :). But I don't watch and I'm not a fashionista so I should comment.