Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dancing With the Stars--Finals

Due to time constraints, I am not going to go into great detail with my final recap.  I am trying to remember if they ever held them the week of Thanksgiving before and I honestly think they haven't.  I am crazy busy right now getting the food ready and my house and entertaining kids.  Plus, we have new neighbors who just happen to have a kid who is in Ryan's class.  Great!  Yes...and no.  Another blog for another day because it is time for Dancing with the Stars!!!

I really was fooled by this entire season.  I thought who are these people??  There were a couple I knew:  Ricki Lake and Carson Kressley.  I had no idea who JR Martinez was but I was immediately drawn to him because of his bright spirit and his incredible story.  I could have cared less about rich boy Rob Kardashian when it started. And yet as the weeks went on, he let his true self come to the surface and he blossomed into a true gentleman whom I could honestly root for.

On Monday night the three remaining couples each danced a new dance and the ever crucial freestyle.  This dance can make or break you.

Ricki and Derek's freestyle did not disappoint.  It began with Ricki bursting through a photo of herself from when this season started.  The transformation is positively amazing.  She has easily lost 50 pounds.  Their dance was high energy with lifts(typical with Derek) and ended with him spinning her --to the point where she was a little dizzy--so good thing the dance was over!  It was a good dance.  The judges each raved about their freestyle and gave them high marks.  No ten's though.  I was surprised by this.

Then came Rob and Cheryl.  She was smart and started the dance off slow like a waltz as this is his strength.  And then she kicked it up.  It was like old timey dancing.  And he was having a blast.  Not only was he having such a good time he was doing amazing.  Their dance, to me, was the superior this point.  I still had not seen JR and Karina.  But they had a lot to live up to.  The judges gave them perfect scores.

JR and Karina, the fan favorites.  First let me say, their first dance they got low scores.  The judges tore them up.  JR later promises Karina he will get her that win.  (She has never won the mirror ball)  I do not like the music at all.  Music aside, the dance itself was great.  I am not going to let a little thing like a song steal votes--it totally didn't.  I voted for them.  But here's the rub.  I liked all three of them!!!  After seeing all three freestyles, I was convinced Rob and Cheryl had it in the bag.  Their freestyle, in my humble opinion was the best one.  Remember freestyle will make or break you.

Last night all the couples returned and danced.  It was fun seeing everyone.  Carson danced with Anna, and Maks, and Anna and a few other guys.  It was hilarious.  Chaz, Lacey and Lacey's Dad all danced.  It was fun.  David and Kym danced with a whole crew and he had a blast.  But the three remaining had to dance one more and then it would be decided who took third.  After that, the last two couples would dance off for the prize.

Ricki and Derek danced their Psycho dance.  It was really good. Again.  Rob wanted to do the Fox Trot--the dance he dedicated to his dad. And JR and Karina danced their original jive which Len had called too much Lindy.  All were amazing.  So glad I didn't have to call it!

In third place.....

Ricki and Derek.  SHUT UP!

So now it is JR and Karina and Rob and Cheryl dancing off in a Samba.  Between points and votes it comes down to....

(with a one point difference in the judges totals)

I will be back with my DWTS recaps March 19, 2012!!!


Emmy said...

Agree with the winners- do not agree with Rikki getting third- she should have been second!

Nicole said...

awe, Karina got her first win!

And I'm glad this sounds mean but I"m glad Rob didn't win, even though I didn't watch it at all.

MiMi said...

Wow! Go Karina you nasty little thing!
We have some neighbors that are in my son's's...not THAT great. I mean...they don't live right next door, but close enough!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Glad they won out of the final three! Though losing 50lbs is quite an award in itself--that's amazing!

Thanks for all your DWTS posts! I've enjoyed them. Hope you had a fabulous holiday weekend!!!

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