Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sleepless in CA

Yesterday was one of my crazy non-stop days. It began with the normal stuff of getting the girls off to school. Normal is always good. I thrive on routine and normal. Well at least what I consider to be normal. But yesterday was no time to be normal. It was time to shop...again.

I had to start this adventure returning things. Yeah, already. I started at Kohl's. Who doesn't love Kohl's? Well after yesterday, I love them a little less. Case and point: The item returned was paid for in cash. I had the receipt. Sounds all good so far. I bought the item on Black Friday. On Black Friday, Kohl's offered $10 in Kohl's cash for every $50 spent. Sweet. My niece and I spent a combined total of $167 giving us $30 in Kohl's cash. When the cashier finished the return, she informed me I would receive $13.05 in Kohl's cash. "Excuse me? Come again?" She repeated that I would in fact be getting $13.05 in Kohl's cash because the Kohl's cash reward was activated. Well wait a minute here. I paid cash lady. I want cash back. I didn't ask for the Kohl's cash. You gave it to me. I read the receipt and it does stipulate that returns with Kohl's cash will be given back as such. I did my best to keep my quiet voice, tho I did say I didn't have to like the policy and that I was most definitely writing the company.

Since I was mad at Kohl's, we went to our next stop. Target. Where I had yet another return. This item was also bought on Black Friday, and like Kohl's Target offered $10 in gift cards for every $50 spent. So I was prepared for receiving another gift card. At least Target has more variety and better prices. I gave my return, and the nice young lady behind the counter handed me my CASH back! Thank you, Target. I think I will include this in my letter to Kohl's

Then it was Wal-Mart, which was a return and shopping. We shopped until it was time to eat. We stopped long enough to eat and then headed back home to pick up Ryan and relieve my sister. From there it was run here and run there until about 730. It was a long day indeed. So one would think I would pass out before my head even hit the pillow. Well almost. I remember my head hitting the pillow. And I did go to sleep until about 3:30 this morning. You know your mind can do funny things at that hour. One of which I didn't find at all funny. It wanted to play and run and be free. I think I mentioned this last week. That thing about too many brains. Yeah last night was like that. It was mostly Christmas related. And now today I have little or no brain power and my eyes are refusing to stay open. Should be an interesting day to say the least.


mormonhermitmom said...

You earned a NAP! The eyes don't lie.

Rachel Sue said...

I hate it when stores are stupid about returns. I had a lovely little experience at Old Navy yesterday.

Emmy said...

So sorry... was it the frame that was too small that you were returning?

Good luck today.

Carolynn said...

There I was back at Walmart. I discovered that the pharmacy is closed between 12:30 and 1:30...who knew? Not me. So I spent more time there than planned. This time it was household and food items. HoHum so boring.

Tired I am. Can I quit?!

CJ Sime said...

I definitely think you should write or call Kohls. It seems completely out of character for them (all my dealings with them have been VERY pleasant). I am sure they will do something for you.

I hate crazy non-stop days. It seems like I need 2 days to recover from them.

Nap Nap Nap

KK said...

May your days sssslllllloooooowwwww down! I hate to return anything! It's so much trouble.

Nikia, May and da kids said...

I haven't shopped for anything except $200 of baking stuff to make baked goods for friends and people. My boys mix and I try to bake. Then I burn, and they mix and bake. All gifts in my home are by request. They are allowed to request whatever, no limit and they never do. We take them to volunteer on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day so they get the bigger picture and then they don't ask for anything.

I wish I had the patience to stand in packed stores but I don't and it would be so very wrong of me to use the handicap carts although like a kid with ADD, I am tempted EVERY time I walk into a store and see the cart sitting there.

Sorry about your Kohl's experience. That stinks.


Holly said...

I love all the gift cards and cash back and cannot stand it when you have a return and they screw with you. Get some sleep (I say as I blog at midnight)!

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

I'm new here. Hi.
Kohl's scares me.

following your ass now.