Monday, November 9, 2009

New Discoveries

In our house we have five, yes five working computers...ooops I mean six!!!! The sixth does not have internet and is used for studying purposes by Rich. But yeah, five computers. Why? Because we do not play well with others? Because we are all hopelessly addicted? Well I will enlighten you, since you obviously asked.

Once upon a time we had exactly one computer. I used it occasionally for email purposes only. Then I got a little brave and got on the internet. I always had to ask Rich to get me "online" and find the sites for me. Yes, I was that computer illiterate! I think I knew how to turn it on and off at least. Finding a program to use...I needed desktop icons for that. Rich made them. I didn't.

After 9/11 happened my husband signed up to go to DC for the opening of Homeland Security. I told him to go for it because it seemed a good opportunity. Well, not wanting to be without a computer for 8 weeks--he went ahead of us--he bought an old IBM laptop. It did what he wanted out of a computer and we could email each other. A few months after we got settled in VA, and I got custody of the old lap top, we kind of got used to me having my own computer. Then it kind of died, right around the same time I was reconnecting with a dear friend of mine. So I was using the main computer for chat and email and a little internet--I was getting brave. In the end, when income taxes came, I got a new computer--brand new laptop to call my own!! I loved it! It had lots of bells and whistles. We buy computers like others buy cars. Rich has built three or four computers in the last few years.

So what do we do with the old ones? We gave some to my mom and my sister. We gave the others to our children. Four lap tops in the same house. Crazy. Plus a desk computer. I thought the other day that Ryan really doesn't know how to play on one, and he desperately wants to be like his sisters and get to play on the "big computer" so yesterday I set him up on Nick Jr. and he had a blast. Is it a bad thing or a good thing? One thing is for sure. He was very focused on what he was doing.
The tongue makes it easier to concentrate.
Works every time!!


As Told By Molly said...

My son does a tongue thing when he is thinking really hard, too. And Nick Jr. was one of our favorite sites at that age.

Stop by my place...I've got something for you.

Emmy said...

My kids love the computer! Alex already knows how to work it and plays games.
The sites we like, nickjr, PBS kids, and

Starfall is one they sometimes use in the schools, totally educational but so fun too. I don't feel the least bit guilty when my kids play this one.

Rebecca Talley said...

Totally love Starfall.

Your post sounds like our house. I was totally dependent on my honey to get me "on" the computer but now I can navigate it pretty well, just don't ask me to fix anything with a computer :).

mormonhermitmom said...

We have three total: Hubby's laptop, my desktop (hand me down from my mom) and the kids desktop (which was an older hand me down from my mom that I used until I got the current hand me down). The kids have to keep to 30 min. and take turns. They don't get to be on mine. PBS kids is the favorite of the youngest one and the others found other game sites. And yet, my computer gets the viruses???? What the hey?

Carolynn said...

I loved and was so grateful for my handed down computers. I now love and enjoy my new laptop. I do not know if my tongue would help me or not. I am thinking of trying it out.

KK said...

I know, I have 2 just for me in a one bedroom apartment!