Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Support Search and Rescue: Get Lost

One of my favorite bumper stickers is one I saw on a fellow Coastie family's car."Support search and rescue: Get Lost" I suppose you can say I have been lost. I certainly lost all track of time. Where did my week go? Why haven't I posted in so long? Fortunately I save all my sent emails so I was able to go back and read them. Where was I? As it turns out, I had slipped into a bit of a funk. I didn't do much of anything. My house reflected that. I am working on getting out of it. My house still needs some rescuing, but with three kids isn't that always the case? At any rate, no need to send out the dogs or any other SAR team. I am here. I will be myself again, and maybe even reclaim a little of the old me.


Emmy said...

Sorry! We all go through those funks though. So don't worry you will make it out

Kekster's Palace said...

nice to c u back kutie!

Carolynn said...

We need to plan another day trip. To heck with the house.