Saturday, May 23, 2009

One Acts

My daughter's middle school drama department held its third annual One Act Writing Competition. All of the Theatre Arts One students participated. There were 154 in all. Only 9 plays would win, but all would perform. All of these plays were written and directed by middle school students ranging in age from 11-14. Kristin wrote a humorous tale about a slumber party being crashed by boys. But the girls taught them a lesson about make up in the end which left them scattering. Hers was not chosen, but she was guaranteed a part in one of the nine plays. She got the lead in a play entitled "The One Acts" in which "Ann" is trying desperately to figure out what to write about for her one act. The play was written by a 6th grade student.

The kids did not have microphones, so the volume needs to be good and loud.
She shined in this little performance. The character she portrayed is nothing like the person she truly is.


Emmy said...

Yeah! So glad she had a big role. Great job!!

cathy said...

she did great! how could she miss being related to me..haha