Friday, April 10, 2009

The Unknown

The unknown is very scary. A first time mother usually has great fear of giving birth. It's unknown what it will feel like, how long it will last, and when it will all begin. Young people have a whole host of unknown experiences to contend with. They have one each year as they go through school. What will my teacher be like? Will I do well this year? Will I be with my friends? Yesterday, Kristin experienced the unknown of getting her first cavity filled. She fretted over it for about three or weeks. I talked candidly with her about the procedure. I didn't sugar coat it, as I don't think it is wise to do that. I told her step by step what they would do. Her two biggest fears were the needle for numbing and the drill.
Would the drill be big and scary? And how loud would it sound in her ears? And just how big would that needle be anyway???

Finally the big day arrived and she ran the gambit of emotions all day. When it came time to actually go the real fear set in. Despite her fear, she pressed ever forward.
In the dentist's chair, she looked like she was actually going to the chair! She asked them to explain the procedure to her, and they obliged with pictures and showing the tools. She was quite relieved when she saw just how tiny the drill was and that it really wasn't that noisy. It turned out that her cavity was so small they suggested that the use of Novocaine would be a moot point. That the shot would hurt more than the drilling. It would take 5 seconds the dentist said. Kristin asked my opinion. Yikes! I don't know kid. We settled on no numbing agent and have her raise her hand the second she felt any pain.
They worked very quickly. You can't really tell in the picture, but she is wearing sunglasses. What a great idea this is. Then you aren't left being blinded by that light that they need. In the end, she was thrilled beyond measure at how easy it was. I told her she could tell her friends in her biggest toughest voice that she didn't even need Novocaine!


Emmy said...

Yeah! Good job! So fun that you took pictures :)

Kekster's Palace said...

I am sooo glad that it's over