The Family

Meet the husband.  He's a singer, a goof and a geek.  His name is Rich and for 20 years he served in the United States Coast Guard.  I wanted to marry someone who was Rich and I wanted to travel.  I got my wish.  haha.  I love him.  He is a good husband and father.  He laughs at my jokes, even the dumb ones.  Thanks dear.  He loves me despite my many flaws.

Meet the teen.  She was our 4th wedding anniversary present.  The cats (that we had) didn't know what to think of her, but they laid on the bed like guards with me none the less.  Kristin is kind, loving, and funny.  She loves to act and act silly.  She has a sharp wit.  I love her jokes. 

Meet the Little Middle.  Emily may not like being called that, but she is.  Born 4 weeks early, she was really little.  After a shaky beginning, she came to life tasting the air with her little tongue!  She is creative, sweet and a thinker.  She is also quiet.  You must watch out for the quiet ones.

Meet the Boy!  Ryan is all boy!  He loves cars, planes, trains and to be loud and to tackle.  He also loves puzzles and stories.  For rare moments he will sit down and draw.  He  loves his sisters very much.  And he loves his mom a lot too.  But can you blame him??

And yours truly.  I think there needs to be no introduction here.  I am a mom.  I am lazy relaxed about things.  I ignore play with my kids.  I ignore sometimes talk to my husband in passing (haha!) I have a weakness for chocolate, homemade cookies and blogging.

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