The Real Me

A bloggy friend of mine, Jen from Denton Sanatorium, has challenged people to show who they really are!  If they are brave enough.  So ready or not....
  •  My house is messy more than it is clean.  I am not sure how often I vacuum.  But given the floors are usually cluttered with toys and papers, it probably isn't that often.
  •  I let the boy sleep in a favorite shirt....wait for it...he has already worn it....not yet....he plans to wear it tomorrow.  I just might let him.  
  •  Little Middle and the boy seem to be fighting more and more these days.  They can hardly be in the same room for more than five minutes without getting into it.  I am getting very tired of it.  I want to either lock myself in my room, or lock them in theirs.
  • At least once a week, but sometimes more, we are "TV People."  Which means we eat dinner while watching TV.  Sometimes it is something Disney, but once in a while it is Myth Busters.  
  •   Thursday I made cookies.  I made dinner.  I did the dishes.  And that was it. and yet I was totally worn out.  Why is that?
  •  I will say that until Thursday I was running all day each day.  Sometimes I do burn the candle at both ends.
  • I am often described as easy-going.  I am.  As long as I get my way.   
  • I have been known to duel with pool noodles
  • My daughter can burp on command.  I can not.  However, if I am drinking a Diet Coke....
  • There are certain nights that I work my schedule around what is on TV.
  • I turn my computer on before I eat breakfast.
  • I eat raw cookie dough
There is much more, but I will leave that to the imagination for now.  What about you?  Who is the real you?


Liz Mays said…
This made me love you even more than I already do!

I'll take you on in a pool noodle fight any day, by the way!
mormonhermitmom said…
I think my youngest has worn, and slept in, the same shirt for three days.

I'll poolnoodle ya!

Cookie dough? Bring it!
Karen said…
I can totally relate to #'s 1, 2, and 5!
Shell said…
Love your honesty!

I can't even vaccuum my house. I go right for the shop vac. My boys are MESSY.
Unknown said…
Love it! Love it so much I joined in :) Thanks for sharing
I too eat cookie dough, and the first stop is my computer. Myth busters is a family favourite too So glad to see we are all so similar. I exposed my blog in a different way today. This was fun!
I too eat cookie dough, and the first stop is my computer. Myth busters is a family favourite too So glad to see we are all so similar. I exposed my blog in a different way today. This was fun!
jen said…
Raw cookie dough? You wicked woman. Me too.
Sleep in your clothes? Never! Well,never for me.
Loved your post! Thanks for linking.
Lene said…
It's no wonder why I love you!
Nicole said…
Awesome! thanks for your honesty! I think I'm the same with the messy/clean part and I TOTALLY base thursday night around watching Greys anatomy!!! :) the episode last night was really great!
Kellie said…
I'd make a list, but it would be easier to just copy yours. Add to that:
-I never cuss unless I'm awakened between the hours of 2 and 6 am
-Eating in bed is totally worth the crumbs!
Amy said…
Is there anyone who can say no to cookie dough? And I always knew there was a reason I love your blog so much! Question, who do you duel with when you duel with pool noodles?

As for me, I try to be the super mom, but am currently sitting on the couch... on a load of laundry. Because blogging is more important than doing laundry. Heck, anything is more important than doing laundry. I hate doing laundry. Real or pathetic, you decide. :)
You sound perfectly perfect to me~!
Anonymous said…
I agree with sound pretty much like the rest of us cookie dough, pool noodle fightin', TV watchin', messy house people.

I turn my computer on before I do most anything in the morning! Need to let those emails download!
Linda Medrano said…
Oh Lourie, you crack me up! I am fat and stupid and jealous and slutty. So there!
Sandra said…
I can't even begin to tell you how reassuring it is to read that you eat supper in front of the tv too! And letting kids sleep in the clothers they are going to wear for school is not being lazy, it's being efficient (I keep telling myself that, it works for me!)
Christina Lee said…
SOOO loved this! Thanks for letting it all hang out!
Emmy said…
Great post!
And that duel was so fun :)

And I used to read blogs before breakfast too.. now with school I just can't do it

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