Why I Don't Want a Straight Parade

I don't want or ever need a pride parade as a straight person. I am actually disgusted that there is going to be one in Boston. Straight people do not need a pride parade. It's redundant. We get to tout it EVERYDAY! I will say it again, and LOUDER for those of you in the back. As straight people we get to celebrate our straightness EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR.  I really shouldn't have to elaborate this point but I will. 

In all my years, during the worst of all the times I was bullied, I never once was bullied for my sexuality. I was bullied for the color of my skin. Yes, I am white. I was still bullied. I had mud thrown at me, rocks, dirt, and I was spit on. All because of my skin color. I was never once harmed because of my sexuality. I am straight. I like men. I married a man. From a very young age I felt attraction to the opposite sex. I understood my sexuality. It is entirely possible to understand attraction to a gender same or otherwise. You might not fully understand the feelings, but as an adult they make total sense. I have always felt attraction toward males. And lucky for me, that is fully accepted by society. Also lucky for me, if I had come out as gay or bisexual, I would still have had a home with loving parents willing to accept me for who I was without trying to change that one aspect about me. But that was not the case. I am already straight. I do not need a pride parade nor will I ever.

Children all over the world live in fear not only of what society thinks, that they might get beat to almost death, left for dead, but they also risk being thrown out of their own homes that they have known their whole lives because up until a certain point they have kept this part of themselves secret. As a parent, I would not ever, turn my child away. I would not tell them they were sinners, and I would not force them to change and live according to my ways. I would simply love them for who are, because that is what I have been all along right? The only difference would be new information.

I do not want or need a pride parade as straight person. I have never lived in fear of what others might think or do as a result of my sexuality. I have never doubted that my family would stop loving me. As a parent, I can honestly say that if a child of mine ever came out to me nothing would change. They would still be my sweet child I have always loved. As a religious person, I have been taught my whole life to love one another and to be kind as Jesus did. I do my best each day to follow His example of loving everyone. I don't take into account how you live your life before I decide if I love you or not or if you are worthy of kindness. That's not how it's done. Everyone is worthy of kindness and love because that is what Jesus taught, and I follow His lead.

I love all my brothers and sisters alike no matter how they love. Love is love is love. I do not want or ever need a pride parade. It is that simple. I will celebrate with those who do. I support and love you all.


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