Inaugural Graduation

Graduations, by my standard and experience are long and boring.  Speeches that drone on and on.  Sitting on hard bleachers with no support for your back.  And then reading of the names for diplomas.  It can take forever!!!  So when Kristin's boyfriend invited us, I was less than enthusiastic about going.  However, I support her and well...I get it.

Their school is just a baby.  It is a whopping three years old.  This is its Inaugural Graduation.  How exciting.  I was pleased that I got a parking spot inside the school itself!  We got primo seats too.  Before the ceremony started there were prerecorded messages from the seniors.  I was impressed by how many mentioned God and Jesus.  Kristin got mentioned by her boyfriend which of course, made her day.  The speeches were brief and poignant.  Not at all boring.  And with 352 graduates, the name reading went rather quickly.  All in all, it was a very nice and NON boring ceremony.

So what is it I am asking today?  Well I have to know...what do you deem appropriate dress for a graduation?  Of any age!  Whether it be a pre school graduation, or a high school one.  I can not tell you how many women and young girls I saw wearing very short halter dresses which almost covered them.  Let's not leave out the men/boys.  Men who wore tanks or boys who sagged their pants well below the equator.  Thank GOD for underpants!  What a way to mock something that is to celebrate ones success! 
Behave nice, or I will be blogging about you!

The high school graduation was not the only graduation we attended.  Last night we also attended Seminary Graduation.  Seminary is much like bible study.  These kids get up for Seminary every day at 6AM for a 50 minute bible study class for all four years of high school.  And they receive a diploma for doing so.  This diploma is signed by our Prophet--it had other notable signatures on the diploma but that is the one I remember most.  At this graduation, all were dressed modestly.  The feel at this graduation was one of peace--the Spirit.  That same feel can exist in all places so long as we permit it to do so.  Why not dress and act appropriately in all things and in all places?  Is that such a bad thing?  These kids who graduated Seminary last night, tell me no it is not.  
What say you?  What is the appropriate dress for graduations? There will be more talk on Wednesday at Emmy's place!


Emmy said…
Wow it seriously seems like that boy would be uncomfortable! I know if my pants start sagging I always am pulling them up- how can he walk like that??
And yes it is amazing what some people wear now and really kind of sad. You are a good mom supporting your daughter.
Macey said…
The way people dress these days make me barfy.
mormonhermitmom said…
Honestly, as a high school graduate, I resented being made to wear a dress under my graduation robe - you couldn't see the stupid dress! For my college graduation, I wore spandex bicycling pants and neon water dogs and a t-shirt. If I have to sit through boring speeches, I'd rather be comfortable. I'm with you on the halters and pants that come up to the groin and no higher - get a clue people!
Rebecca said…
i have a friend who would have offered to buy him a belt or simply told him to pull his pants up she use to do it in the store all the time
Nicole said…
Unfortunately they probably thought they were appropriately dressed. Have you seen the clothes they are putting out for little kids (especially girls) to wear now days? Dressing them like I would dress in my 20's... well I might have dressed... because I don't wear a lot of skimpy clothes, never have. Anyway so they probably thought they were appropriately dressed unfortunately. I think you should dress in church clothes if you are unsure! Although some of the churches around here I've seen people show up in sweatpants before...... Oy!

ps what grade is Kristin in?

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