What Happens In Indio...

Summer has officially begun for my family- for CA Girl her kids are almost done but we decided to start the summer off early with a weekend getaway for our two families in Indio, CA.

As departure day grew closer the kids got more and more excited and then the fun began.
From here on out- Emmy's comments will be in blue- Lourie's in red

Emmy: I was very jealous you were already leaving and I was stuck in the pick-upline.

Lourie:  I was questioning my sanity at this point.  I picked up the kids early from school so that we could get there nice and early--like right at check in.  Thus leaving us with time to get settled, pick up dinner and have time to swim.  Of course in my haste, I didn't think to ask my teen if she had any assignments to catch up on or any tests that day!  D'oh! Not only that, but I missed packing an extra pair of capris for me.  Ooops.  We made excellent time just the same....

But soon we would find out your early departure wasn't so lucky after all.

Shortly after this traffic started moving and I texted again saying it was going- no sooner had I texted that then it slowed down again.   Moral of that story- is don't text Lourie about things going fast- as speed was not in her favor this weekend.

No, it most definitely was not.  Sitting in the car for an hour was not real fun.  But I did get a picture of a bunny!

This guy was not afraid as I was able to get pretty close.

See what I mean almost one hour later....

Thankfully we had dice with friends to keep us entertained- and me sticking gum in my husband's hair. Oh but I think she wanted to! She also said she did not want to go to Disneyland with me, as I have such bad luck with lines.  *sniff*

We finally made it ate some fried chicken- eating is essential to my husband's happiness-
Hey food is essential to my happiness too.  Especially that pie!  Yum.

And we were even greeted by the welcoming committee!  
The sign was obviously ignored as these were very brave and friendly ducks- but they delighted the kids all weekend long.  Those ducks were so fun!

Then it was swimming time!  The first night of swimming was fun, until I realized I forgot our towels!  D'oh!  Seriously, who took my brain!?

We spent most of the weekend in the pool- when it's 100 degrees outside you do that.
I was worried Ryder was going to spend the entire time like this
but thankfully he warmed up to the idea soon and loved jumping in- while I caught him of course

When swimming in public places the pool can't help but teach you a few lessons

1- Don't borrow you friends bathing suits- especially ones that are too small  Saw that more times than I would like to count.
2- Consuming alcoholic beverages and swimming really might not be the best idea  It is also not allowed, but apparently the rules do not apply to them.
3- Adding a cowboy hat does not distract people from the rest of the business you are showing Neither do tramp stamps.
4- Smoking at the edge of the pool not only is against the rules but does not add to your attractiveness See number two. 

And the most important rule.. well we will let Lourie tell you about that one.

Well this could take a while...so I will do my best to make it short.  I love words.  The next morning after breakfast, the kids were raring to go...swimming that is.  And since it was already almost 90 by 10 it was fine by me.  So off we went.  We went ahead of Emmy and her family.  Kristin and her friend picked a table and quickly dumped towels, shoes etc and jumped in.  As I was setting my things down, this mean, grumpy old man comes up to me and asks where the umbrella to the table was, and proceeds to accuse me of taking HIS autographed book that was there. I was stunned to say the least.  "There was nothing at this table when we got here." I told him.  My daughter came up, and verified this.  He started in on her.  Back off old man.  I will knock you down.  He questioned the people next to me!  He went to all the people at the pool and kept pointing at ME!  Like I did something!  Then he left.  Good!  Poof be gone!  Or so I thought.  

About five minutes later, Grumpy mean old man was back with two security guys and they were coming for me!  My heart was racing.  But what on earth for?  I hadn't done anything wrong.  This old man was truly off his rocker.  Shame on him for leaving his stupid book out.  And maybe the umbrella broke and management had not replaced it yet!  

"Excuse me, Ma'am" one big security said, "You'll have to come with us." Mr. Grumpy was suddenly looking like Mr. Smug.  I wanted to punch him in the neck.  But what else could I do?  So I decided to cooperate...

To see what happened next you will have to go over to Emmy's Blog


Connie said…
AGH!! I'm on the edge of my seat!!

And craving fried chicken....oddly enough.
Rebecca said…
though i'm hating the idea of school ending because then I have a 7th grader this makes me want to go out and do things like swim and pinic
Amy said…
Ha! You two are great and this is such a fun way to read your vacation story! Can't wait to find out what happened next!
Nicole said…
You guys are nuts, but in a good way obviously! And this Duel commentary is great! :) Sounds like you had a blast!
Macey said…
Grumpy old men suck...off to Emmys.
mormonhermitmom said…
Wow. Just WOW! You and Emmy are just too much. Baby monitor gags...Ha!
Rachel said…
How fun was THAT?!?! Glad the nosebleed wasn't worse and that the old guy didn't get you hauled off in handcuffs... crazyness!

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