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The first award I got came from Tennessee Mom at Days on the Creek.   Thank you! Thank you!
The Fabulous Sugar Doll Award.
As a recipient of this award I must first thank and link back to the giver.  Done.  Then I must reveal 10 things about me....

1.  What can I say, my life is an open book!
2.  My favorite books growing up were:  Charolette's Web & The Outsiders
3.  I also loved Joke Books.  My mom was my captive audience.
4.  I watched The Karate Kid last night
5.  You know, the real one with Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita.
6.  Still loved it.
7.  I still know the dialogue to it.  
8.  Wax on, wax off.
9.  I also saw the other two, but I can't remember the dialogue from them.
10.  I know every line of The Wizard of Oz, and The Outsiders.  

Now I have to bestow the Sugar Doll award to some fellow bloggers!  (and notify them too)

1.  Trina from Me So Hongry
3.  Jenny from Denton Sanatorium
4.  Kellie from Hendricks Family
5. Melissa from My Life and How It's Going
6.  CJ from Simply  Simonsons

Each one of these ladies are truly Fabulous Sugar Bloggers! 

Now for the next one... Thank you very much to Aubree from Inspirational Me for giving me the: 

Baby you're going places, award.

As a recipient of this award, I must thank and link back to the person who gave it to me.  Done.  Then describe where I will be in ten years...haha um ok... let's see...

My guess is I will still be here in CA.  I really love it, plus I am committed for 40 years to this house.  Sounds like a sentence!  Let's see my son will be 15 and wanting to drive.  My daughters will be 20 and 23.  Scary.  I will not discuss my own age.  I hope to be wiser, healthy, and maybe less in debt than I am now.  And now to pass it on....

1.  Holly from 504 Main
2.  Vee from Everyday Kings
3.  Heather from Gerber Days
4.  Mayra from In Lovely Heels
5.  Linda from See Mom Smile

I don't know where we all are going, but it will be a heck of a ride!!!


oooh la la la La!! Thank you for the award!
Liz Mays said…
Congratulations on your awards!!! I am so afraid of seeing the new Karate Kid because that old one was so darn good!
Nicole said…
Congratulations Lourie on your awards!!! You deserve them, I love reading your blog:) and thank you for mine! I hope I'm going somewhere cooler in this hot 90 degree weather! :)
Emmy said…
Congrats and thanks!

A couple of days ago I was cleaning up the book shelves and I found my copy of the Outsiders, I have been reading it again (and thinking of you) such a good book.
Bossy Betty said…
Congrats on remembering what you were going to post!

Oh, and congrats on the awards too!
Heather said…
Thanks so much for this award!!! I'm completely honored that you would pick ME! LOVES! xx
Linda Medrano said…
Congratulations on the very cool awards! Nice, and well deserved!
Christina Lee said…
haha happens every freaking time!!
Kellie said…
Awwww...thank you so, so much!! You completely made my day! I can't wait to pay it forward ;)
Imaginative Me said…
Woo! I love the karate kid. Had the BIGGEST crush on Ralph when I was younger! Wait, I still do! Maybe I can attribute that to the pregnancy libido, cause mine is definitely on one heck of a roller coaster ride right now! Some days I am obsessed with it and some days I feel nauseous at the thought of ANY physical contact! Gonna be a long year!
Imaginative Me said…
Oh yeah, Congrats on your awards! :) It's the forgetful part of pregnancy that affects me the most lately!
jen said…
Thanks for the award, Lourie. I too was a joke book lover and all things Charlotte's Web. Did you see the movie with Julia Roberts as Charlotte? I really enjoyed it.
Wax off!
Trina said…
Awww...thanks!!!!! I LOVE LOVE THE OUTSIDERS! My fav line..."We're gonna do it fa Johnny! Do it fa Johnny!" I was up until 3 AM the other night watching the Karate Kid. Thanks for the award.
Mayra said…
Congrats on the award & for passing it on to me. =)

I love the Outsiders!!! I have read the book twice and loved the movie, although it was a little sad, did you watch it?
I had the biggest crush on Johnny & of course also love Karate kid because he's in it. =D
The Drama Mama said…
Congrats on your awards!!!

Outsiders was one of my favorite books growing up too.
Shelley said…
Congrats on the awards! Pretty cool! I forget things all the time!
Laura Lofgreen said…
After reading your blog, it's obvious you deserve your awesome reward. Contrats.
Tracie said…
Congrats on your awards! They are well deserved!
See Mom Smile said…
Thank you sooo much darling! I love this award!
Holly Lefevre said…
Look at you and all your awards...congrats and thanks for passing that cool one on!

I would be a brilliant writer if I remembered everything I forgot to write down!

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