What's Your Humble Opinion?

This morning I had to take my girls to school. Due to a family emergency, the extras were not going to school today and therefore Kristin & Emily would not be riding with them. As I drove Kristin to school, we began one of our lengthy discussions. Since this girl was tiny, she has had the capacity to carry on quite elaborate discussions, but then she also has the uncanny ability to switch gears in a nano-second. Today's topic: School uniforms. Her opinion is: Well they are good and bad. Okay, how are they good?

"Well they are good because then everyone is the same. No one can make fun of you for what you are wearing."

"Why are they bad?"

"Because you can't be unique. And because you can't mix and match outfits."
These are legitimate arguments for a 12 year old. She also didn't do it with a whiney tone. She stated her reasons thoughtfully and intelligently.

I had the rebuttal all ready and then it happened(again) a brain fart. Don't ya hate that? Second time today and it was only 8:30! I did remember tho. My argument was that no matter what job you are in there is some kind of uniform. Even working at Wal-Mart. They wear beige pants and navy blue polo shirts. So why not learn this while you are in school? So my question(and hopefully I can figure out the poll button) today is: Should there be school uniforms in all schools? And, should the teachers have a dress standard or wear a similar uniform?


silfert said…
I definitely think a dress code of some sort is in order for both sides of the desk. A uniform may be a bit of a stretch for folks on a tight budget, but there's no reason to go to school (or work) looking like a train wreck or a streetwalker.

Unless you *are* a streetwalker...
Carolynn said…
I am torn...I think kids should be able to express themselves, within a dress code of course. Then again, there is that nagging teasing thing from other kids, yet, this could grow character and strength. I think kids should be able to wear two different colored socks with mismatched shoes, while putting their hair up in a pony tail with a sock of a different color. So I guess my vote is no.
mormonhermitmom said…
My kids have attended both "regular" schools and schools with "code of dress". The elementary school kids wear white or navy blue collared shirts (no brand tags visible, must have sleeves and cover the belly well) and navy blue cotton twill or corduroy pants (again no brand labels visible, shorts have to be to the knee, capris okay, skirts okay for girls). I definitely know what clothes I have to have laundered by Monday morning. The kids don't spend oodles of time wondering what to wear (except for is it clean or dirty), and if you shop around online, you can usually find very reasonable prices. Our school also accepts usuable donations for those families that have a hard time purchasing clothes. With so many girls' fashions starting to look like miniature beauty pageant wear or worse, this way I know they are looking decent without much headache. Now if only the MIDDLE school would get onboard with a code of dress, I would feel much better, though I'm sure my daughter would be outraged.

Sorry for the novel. :)
Emmy said…
I am not really a fan of uniforms. I definitely think there needs to be a dress code though, and maybe even one that says "all girls must wear collared shirts", that is how it is at my nieces school. But at the same time it is nice to not totally stifle individuality.
I agree with Kristen's arguments, both very good.
KK said…
I like the idea of uniforms for the same reason. When I wear scrubs at work I look like everyone else and no one cares. But at the same time, I look like everyone else and no one cares how I look....I guess my answer is I don't know!

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